Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 500 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 500

“Although you can kickbox, you should stay away from him. Your husband is petty–minded and can’t stand to see you together with him. I‘ll get jealous even though he‘s the one all over


Zachary was feeling jealous in the past but he never admitted to it back then.

It would not matter to Zachary who Serenity was with if he did not care.

Now that he had feelings for Serenity, Zachary lost his head and was out for blood.

“I‘ll chase him away if he comes along, but I can‘t cut off his legs to stop him from coming.”

Zachary put on a stern look and said, “I‘ll make sure he doesn‘t show his face.”

“What are you planning to do? Don‘t do anything stupid.”

Zachary pinched her cheek. “Don‘t worry. I won‘t do anything stupid now that I have you.”

He wanted to spend the rest of his days with her.

Zachary had made plans to end partnerships with the Lowes and even steal from them some projects that were in talks. The Lowes would know the Yorks were putting the heat on them. Zachary would be waiting for Mr. Lowe to come and ask him the reason for doing so.

Serenity could not stop Shawn, but who was to say his parents could not stop him?

“Don‘t go too hard on him for Jasmine‘s sake.”

With Jasmine‘s name coming into the picture, Zachary subtly asked, “Why didn‘t Ms. Sox stop Shawn?”

Was Jasmine on her cousin‘s side regarding this?

“Jas has a fever. She‘s at the hospital. She wasn‘t at the shop.”

The realization then hit Serenity. She said amusedly, “Don‘t tell me you were suspecting Jas for helping Shawn to pester me? She‘s not that type of a person. She hopes Shawn could move on more than anyone else.”

As her best friend, Jasmine had the best understanding of the person Serenity was.

Jasmine knew that Serenity did not love Shawn romantically, and that would not change no matter what Shawn did.

Shawn‘s fixation on Serenity would only get him hurt.

Jasmine was Shawn’s cousin. Feeling sorry for her cousin, Jasmine could only persuade Shawn to get over his feelings.

Shawn could only get his life back when he let go of his obsession with Serenity.

That was why anyone but Jasmine would take Shawn’s side.

“Uh… I was wrong about Ms. Sox.

“So she‘s not well.”

Zachary must inform Josh later so the latter could have an excuse to contact Jasmine.

“Yeah. She has a high fever. It could be the sudden change of weather. She picked fashion over comfort and caught a cold in return.”

Serenity had always seen her best friend in a dress during winter. Although the dresses were made of warmer materials, Serenity believed winter clothes were more appropriate for the season. Serenity often teased her best friend for choosing style over comfort.

The girls had different preferences when it came to winter clothing. Serenity wished she could wear a duvet out when the weather was chilly.

“Give me your phone, Zachary.”

“What‘s the matter?”

Serenity put her hand out, demanding his phone.

“I want to see if I‘m still on your contact list. Did you delete my number? With that history of yours, I need to check your phone. You can forget re–adding my number if you wipe out my contact again.”

She had a temper too.

Zachary compliantly handed out his phone. He unlocked the phone and tapped on the message icon for her convenience to examine. “It‘s easy to delete a number but difficult to add it back. It was a hard lesson to learn. I won‘t make the same mistake again.”

While adding back her number the last time, Serenity mentioned that they would be through if they deleted each other‘s numbers again.

With her number still on his contact list, Serenity‘s mind was put at ease.

Nevertheless, it upset her that he did not respond to a single message despite her blowing up his phone with multiple text messages.

Shoving his phone back into his hand, she opened the door and uttered, “Alright now. I‘ve cleared the air, so get down. You should get back to work. I need to return to the shop. Elisa brought her mother there. I told her to watch the shop for me.” Zachary stared at her and asked, “Are you agry, Seren?”


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