Married at First Sight Chapter 2255 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2255 by desirenovelJulian continued: “To tell you the truth, Miss Caron, I want to ask you to be my bodyguard. Now I am in short supply of bodyguards. With your skill, you can protect my safety.”

Kiera said with a smile: “It’s nothing to worry about, Mr. Bucham, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Don’t say that benefactors are not benefactors.

She had helped countless people, and Julian was the most polite one.

As expected of a big president, this self-cultivation was not bad.

It could be seen that Julian was also a person who knew how to be grateful. God would not treat this kind of person lightly.

He believed his business would get better and better.

“Mr. Bucham, if I’m tired of my current job that day, I’ll ask you to arrange a job for me as a bodyguard. The job of security is also fine. I will not dislike the job. As long as I work hard to make money by myself, I will make money in an upright manner. I can accept it.”

Kiera thought that she didn’t have any special skills besides martial arts, so she didn’t mind what kind of work she did as long as she had a job.

Julian said: “I have reserved a place for you Miss Caron. One day, you want to come to work, just contact me and be my bodyguard, salary and benefits, whatever you can mention.”

Kiera: “Okay, when I want to change jobs, I must contact you, and I won’t be polite to you, Mr. Bucham.”

The two chatted all the way.

After arriving at Wiltspoon Hotel, Julian thought the journey was too short.

If he had known earlier, he would have taken a detour, prolonging the journey, and chatting with Kiera for a while.

But when they met for the first time, Kiera even “saved” him. It would be too dishonest for him to do so, and it would destroy Kiera’s good impression of him.

The car stopped at the entrance of Wiltspoon Hotel. Julian turned his head to look at Kiera. Kiera was a bright and charming girl. Her beauty and heroism made Julian like her more and more.

Her profile was very beautiful, and Julian could look at her photos with fascination, and even secretly kissed the photos, let alone face her real person.

“Mr. Bucham, thank you for taking me back.”

Kiera unbuckled her seat belt, opened the door and got out of the car while thanking Julian.

“You’re welcome, Miss Caron, you saved me. I should send you back. Miss Caron, are you free tomorrow? I invite you to dinner. you can’t refuse. You are my savior. Don’t let me treat you to dinner. If I want to repay your kindness, I can only repay it in other ways.”

Kiera: “Mr. Bucham, If you don’t mind having dinner with a group of children, I’ll be free.”

Julian: “I don’t mind. Then I will come over tomorrow at noon to treat you to dinner.”

Julian thought that he was still a little patient with children. He had seen Sonny several times, and he liked Sonny so well-behaved and cute.

He thought the children were as cute and sensible as Sonny.

Therefore, he didn’t mind inviting a group of children to dinner.

Besides, his plan was to become Kiera’s husband. Kiera acted as a coach for the students, which was equivalent to being a martial arts teacher.

Kiera: “Okay. Mr. Bucham, since you want to repay my life-saving grace, I will accept it with the cheek. Tomorrow noon, my students and I will wait for you to treat us to dinner.”

Julian: “No problem. How many students did you bring to the competition? I will prepare a gift for them.”

Kiera: “No, Mr. Bucham, you don’t need to be so polite. I brought a total of twelve children here, six boys and six girls, and they are all the best students under my command.”

Kiera said that Julian was too polite and didn’t need him to prepare gifts for the children, but told Julian that there were twelve children in total. She felt that it was the children’s business that Julian wanted to give gifts to the children. This teacher couldn’d refuse for the children.

Just a few polite words.

Julian remembered.

Kiera: “Mr. Bucham, go home quickly, I’m going to rest too.”

Julian: “Good night, Miss Caron, see you tomorrow.”


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