Married at First Sight Chapter 2262 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2262 by desirenovelLiberty also knew that it was impossible for her brother-in-law to agree to her right away, so she smiled and said, “Okay, talk to Seren after you get home, then you are busy first, and I will go to the restaurant to have a look.”

Zachary: “Sister, don’t sit down for a while?”

Liberty said: “Stop sitting, you are busy with work and time is tight. I won’t take up your time anymore.”

After the wedding, because Serenity was pregnant, Zachary canceled the original honeymoon trip, but he did not cancel the one-month marriage leave.

During the one month of marriage leave, he would spend time with his beloved wife, and he could drive around with his beloved wife around Wiltspoon.

Wiltspoon was so big, and they hadn’t visited every corner of Wiltspoon.

In order to take the wedding leave, Zachary had been very busy in the past few days and needed to work overtime to deal with important matters in advance.

“Sister, I’ll take you out.”

Zachary didn’t keep Liberty anymore, and sent her out of his office, and then to the elevator. He didn’t go back until Liberty got into the elevator.

Liberty took the elevator down to the first floor, and met Josh who just returned to the company.

“Sister Liberty.”

As soon as Josh saw Liberty, he walked over with a smile, “Sister Liberty, When did you come? Are you leaving? Don’t sit down for a while? If you need help with anything, just tell me, I will definitely help you solve it.”

Liberty said with a smile: “I have something to ask Zachary, it’s not a big deal, I don’t need to help you with small things. Zachary is busy, I have to go back to the restaurant to have a look, so I won’t sit any longer, I’ll treat you to dinner another day.”

Josh: “Okay, sister Liberty’s cooking skills are much better than before. After going to your restaurant yesterday, I came home, and Jasmine and I are still thinking about it.”

Liberty was so praised by Josh that she couldn’t hold back her smile.

Josh was eloquent, and anyone could be coaxed into laughter by him.

Josh: “Sister Liberty, I think your cooking is delicious, so I go to have dinner when I have time, and you will cook for me.”

Liberty: “sure. I’ll go first, you are busy.”

Josh turned around and was about to send Liberty off, and said, “I’ll send Sister Liberty out.”

Liberty refused, “No need, go get busy.”

Josh still sent Liberty out of the office building, watching Liberty walk towards her car, before Josh turned and walked back.

Seeing Josh’s attitude towards Liberty, everyone couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts, Liberty was the most famous sister in Wiltspoon.

After leaving the York Corporation, Liberty went directly to the restaurant where all you can eat breakfast.

All You Can Eat Restaurant didn’t do breakfast business, so she didn’t need to open so early, she could wait until ten o’clock before going to the restaurant.

“Boss, you are finally here. Mr. Lewis called and asked for a breakfast, but asked the boss to deliver it to him.”

As soon as Liberty entered the breakfast shop, the assistant saw her and quickly told her Duncan’s request.

The assistant also told her: “Mr. Lewis came here very early and waited for you here. He didn’t see you coming after waiting for a long time before leaving.

Not long after, Mr. Lewis called.”

Liberty hummed, “I see.”

Duncan went back to work at the company today.

Liberty put down the bag, washed her hands, and cooked a breakfast for Duncan according to Duncan’s request. After packing, she went to pick up the bag, and said to the shop assistant: “I’ll send breakfast to Mr. Lewis, look at the store.”


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