The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6799

But right now, isn’t this a perfect opportunity tailor-made for you?

Seeing that hank was obviously moved, charlie Wade immediately said to Homula: “Second uncle, Professor hank is about to get married. After marriage, he may not want to be separated from his lover often. Is it possible for us to set up our future headquarters in Aurous Hill?”

Homula said without hesitation: “Of course there is no problem! Since the An family has publicly returned to China, and everyone is very clear about the marriage relationship between us and the wade family, why not let the An family and the wade family jointly invest in a company with its headquarters in Aurous Hill, and then merge Gao Heng’s assets into the name of this company.”

As he spoke, Homula said to hank, “By the way, Professor hank, Gao Heng’s production line is in this province, only more than 200 kilometers away from Aurous Hill, and it only takes about three hours to drive there. If you join us, you can work in Aurous Hill and go to the production line occasionally, which won’t be very troublesome. Moreover, I think Gao Heng’s current production line, technology and automation level are obviously a bit behind compared to Remi, and upgrading is imperative. Since we have set up our headquarters in Aurous Hill, we might as well acquire land in Aurous Hill and build a most advanced production base. This won’t take long. Tesla’s super factory in China started construction and went into production in the same year. I believe we can also do this in Aurous Hill!”

hank was stunned and asked: “Are we really going to build a super factory in Aurous Hill?”

Homula said with a smile: “Tesla’s first phase investment in China’s super factory is less than 20 billion yuan. We will directly invest 50 billion yuan. Let’s do something big!”

After that, he asked charlie Wade: “charlie, what do you think?”

charlie Wade smiled and said, “Since it is a joint venture between the An family and the wade family, let’s take 20 billion US dollars in cash as the first phase of investment. While establishing the headquarters and building a team in Aurous Hill, we will also acquire land to build our own office building and production base, and proceed simultaneously.”

After that, he asked hank: “What do you think, Uncle Hank?”

hank subconsciously said: “I don’t think the factory needs to be built in Aurous Hill.”

charlie Wade asked curiously: “Why?”

hank said: “Aurous Hill is not a coastal city. If we want to sell our cars globally in the future, we must ship them to all parts of the world on ro-ro ships at the port. If we transport complete vehicles in large quantities from inland cities to ports, the transportation cost will be too high and the efficiency will be greatly reduced. It is better to invest directly in coastal cities, and it is best to acquire land near the port, so that our cars can be shipped directly after they come off the production line. Tesla’s super factory is only two kilometers away from the sea.”

When charlie Wade heard him use “we”, he knew that he had made a decision, so he smiled and said: “Uncle Hank, I have lived in Aurous Hill for so many years and have developed feelings for this place. With such a large investment, I naturally hope that it will be in Aurous Hill, so I will make a decision for everyone. Our first super factory will be in Aurous Hill!”

“After all, we have to start from the domestic market. Although Aurous Hill is not near the sea, it has very convenient land and rail transportation, and the Yangtze River is also very convenient for shipping. It is very convenient to build cars here and ship them to the whole country. Once we have a firm foothold in China, the second super factory will be located directly on the seaside next to the port like Tesla!”

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