An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2128

Chapter 2128

In that blow just now, he used 70% of his strength, but in the end, it didn’t even break Basong’s defense.

I have to admit that the opponent’s physical defense has indeed reached the level of indestructibility.

“Basong, the Saint of Boxing, is truly worthy of his reputation.

I apologize to you for my rude behavior just now.”

William put his left hand on his chest, leaned forward slightly and bowed, acting like an aristocratic gentleman.

The Sun Never Sets Royal Knights has always admired the strong, and Basong’s strength has been recognized by him.

“It’s just a simple discussion, Mr. William doesn’t need to take it to heart.” Basong smiled lightly.

“Hahaha… William, William, now you finally know how powerful Mr. Bassong is, right? Without using our abilities, all of us here combined will not be Mr. Bassong’s opponent. ” Bailey laughed.

Baixiang Kingdom is world-famous for its physical skills, and Basong, as a boxing saint, has practiced physical skills to the extreme.

Not only does its b*dy have strong defense, but its speed, strength, and reaction capabilities have all reached incredible levels.

Looking at the entire White Elephant Kingdom, Bassong is the only one who has reached the realm of Grand Master by virtue of his own physical strength!

Like Blood Demon William, he cannot be described as human.

“Bailey, you didn’t hesitate to invite Mr. Bassong here. It seems like you’re going to cause a big fuss this time?” William said with a half-smile: “Tell me, what do you want us to do this time?”

“Don’t worry, there are still friends from Korea who haven’t arrived yet.” Bailey gave it a try.


William shook his head, with undisguised disgust on his face: “An arrogant small country, a group of thieves who only know how to steal other people’s achievements, how can there be such powerful people?”

The people of Korea have two characteristics.

The first is arrogance.

Although he has no strength, he always thinks he is strong and does not take anyone seriously.

The second is that he is shameless and always likes to take other people’s good things as his own and claim them as his own, and he does so confidently.

Therefore, Goryeo is privately called the country of theft by various countries.

“William, you can just say these things in front of me. If friends from Korea arrive later, please don’t talk nonsense, so as not to hurt everyone’s harmony.” Bailey reminded.


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