an Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2314

Chapter 2314
“The miracle doctor is here.” Kassidy looked happy and looked around. “Where is the miracle doctor?”

“Here comes the miracle doctor.” Mikayla raised her hand to guide Dustin.

“Ah?” Kassidy was slightly stunned, looking up and down, a little suspicious. “Mikayla, are you sure you are right?”

According to her, the miracle doctors were either immortal or full of style.

However, Dustin in front of her was a few years older than her. He looked ordinary, but how could he have the demeanor of a miracle doctor?

“Miss Grace Linsor has invited this amazing doctor.” Mikayla explained it quickly.

“Grace Linsor?” Kassidy looked at Grace. After thinking about it for a moment, she quickly revealed her name.

“Sister Kassidy, long time no see.” Grace smiled slightly.

“Forget the polite words; I just want to ask you: is the person you invited good or bad?” Kassidy said it seriously.

She didn’t have a good impression of Grace. She always felt that this woman had other agendas. However, her sister had a close relationship with her, so she could only turn a blind eye.

Grace said seriously, “Of course it’s no problem. Dr. Rhys has a wonderful rejuvenation hand and the ability to rejuvenate the flesh and bones of the dead. I believe he can cure Noemi.”

Hearing this, Dustin glanced at Grace.

Receiving such praise is quite uncomfortable.

“The flesh and bones of the living dead? Humph! “Is it that magical?”

Conor, standing next to him, looked extremely skeptical.

What advanced medical skills can a young man in his twenties have?

Even a true miracle doctor would not dare to say that he could resurrect human flesh and bones. The fact that these two guys in front of him dared to make such nonsense is unavoidable and suspicious.

“You’ll know if you try it.” Grace didn’t explain much.

It is better to prove it with actual actions than to say a thousand words.

“Hmph! Noemi is a woman; how can Dr. Rhys, a young boy, be allowed to be used as a test subject to play with at will? If something goes wrong, can you afford the responsibility?!” Conor said it coldly.

“I am Noemi’s friend, so I will not harm her.” Grace looked serious.

“Noemi has many friends. Who knows who you are? “As Noemi’s senior brother, I have the right to be responsible for her safety.” Conor stood in front of her.

In his opinion, Grace and Dustin were obviously opportunistic people.

Knowing that Noemi was ill, Conor came here to try his luck. If the cure was unsuccessful, there would be no loss. If he managed to cure her, he could seize this chance to achieve success.

“Noemi’s situation is very bad now. Without prompt treatment, Noemi’s life could be at risk. If you really want Noemi’s best, don’t get in the way here!” Grace frowned slightly.

“I’ve already invited a miracle doctor.” You don’t need to worry about Noemi’s illness. Please leave immediately!” Conor said it with a cold face and immediately issued an eviction order.

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