Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1335 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1335

Zachary clinked glasses with Josh, but he did not drink. He replied, “Clive’s wife is pregnant. You didn’t just find out about this. If it were you, would you have brought your wife to such a venue tonight?”

After a moment of silence, Josh said, “I forgot about it. People of no importance are none of my concern. If my Jasmine were pregnant, I wouldn’t even let her walk. I’ll carry her around.”

Zachary found it funny and said, “Being pregnant isn’t the same as falling sick. There’s no need to be so nervous. Pregnant women have to have sufficient exercise too.”

Josh pouted. “You’re talking now, but wait till your wife gets pregnant. If you can maintain the same opinion when that time comes, I’ll treat you to a meal.”

“You’re talking as if I don’t have food. I cook for Seren whenever I have time. My cooking skills have leveled up.”

They chatted in low voices as they walked toward the crowd.

Many people raised their glasses in their direction as a form of greeting.

Josh smiled and nodded.

On the other hand, Zachary kept a tense expression and nodded slightly in reply to everyone.

His gaze kept shifting to a specific area in Serenity’s direction.

As usual, Jim and the other bodyguards followed Zachary silently and blocked off young women who wanted to approach him while Missus was not around.

Some still had not given up even though Mr. Zachary was already married.

Maybe they discovered that Mr. Zachary was also a human with desires and that he would fall in love with a woman. Therefore, they wanted to beat Missus.

Serenity did not know that her husband was paying attention to her actions. His eyes were filled with her.

She walked toward Mrs. Stone and Elisa with Jasmine.

Mrs. Stone was talking to other wives of wealthy families. Elisa stood beside her mother with a proper smile. She felt like her face was about to go stiff from smiling.

When she saw her two friends coming over, she felt relief. Her mother could finally take her eyes off her.

Serenity and Jasmine greeted the other ladies first.

“Seren, you came at the right time. Hurry up and take Elisa away. I can’t stand her annoyed look. My palm kept feeling itchy.”

Mrs. Stone smiled and asked her niece to take her daughter away so her daughter would not look so annoyed.

Mrs. Marshall said, “Elisa is showing her true nature. I like this personality of hers. Too bad my son is already married. If not, we would’ve been in–laws.”

“Jules, stop praising her. She can’t be praised. She’ll become full of herself.”

Mrs. Lewis smiled too. “Ms. Stone is a nice lady, after all.”

She was on good terms with the York family and did not interact much with Mrs. Stone in the past. Additionally, she never targeted Elisa because the person Elisa liked was Zachary.

Tania said to Mrs. Stone, “Audrey, if you don’t like Elisa, let her be my daughter. I’m going crazy from wanting a daughter, but my wish never came true.”

Elisa said smugly, “Mom, look at how popular your daughter is.”

Before her mother could reply, she quickly left the ladies with her two friends.

Those women were the most sophisticated wives in Wiltspoon’s elite circle. They were of similar age. They were past the age of talking about jewelry and skincare. The topic they talked about most when they gathered was their children’s marriages.

Elisa was scared they would start introducing a boyfriend to her as their conversation progressed.

Therefore, she made a quick escape.

“Serenity and Elisa are cousins, but they’re closer than biological sisters.”

Mrs. Marshall praised them.

“Jasmine too. I never thought she would become Mrs. Bucham’s future daughter–in–law.”

Mrs. Stone found Mrs. Bucham in the crowd. Mrs. Bucham happened to look over, and they exchanged a smile. Mrs. Stone said, “Jasmine is a good child too. My niece has been friends for many years with her. She has proper values. I like that child.”

Josh had been quick to snatch Jasmine up.


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