Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1336 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1336

Otherwise, even Mrs. Stone would have wanted to bring Jasmine and her son together.

Josh would have thought, ‘I was lucky that Zachary introduced me to Jasmine first.‘

Zachary deserved a reward for playing matchmaker.

Elisa breathed a sigh of relief after getting away from the mothers. She complained that Serenity and Jasmine rescued her too late..

“You’re exaggerating.”

Serenity found it funny. She said, “You even used the word ‘rescue‘.”

“The ladies seemed easy going though.”

Jasmine smiled and said, “Their gazes on you were so gentle.”

Elisa shuddered. She said, “They were looking at me as if I was their daughter–in–law.”

That statement made Serenity and Jasmine laugh.

“Seren, look.”

Elisa suddenly nudged Serenity and stuck her lips out in a direction.

“What’s wrong?”

Serenity and Jasmine looked in the direction Elisa indicated.

Jasmine saw Duncan was with an unfamiliar woman.

Serenity did not find anything unusual because she had seen Duncan and Lily before. She knew Lily was the wife candidate Mrs. Lewis had picked out for Duncan.

“There’s a woman beside Duncan.”

Elisa said, “Don’t he and Liberty…”

Serenity tugged her and whispered, “Elisa, that’s just our guess. It’s not the truth. My sister and Mr. Lewis are just ordinary friends.”

Mrs. Lewis did not like her sister.

Her sister had no feelings for Duncan either.

Serenity did not want people talking about her sister and Duncan.

Elisa understood.

She said, “You’re right. It’s just our guess. Do you know that woman? I realized you weren’t surprised at all.”

“I’ve seen her once. She was eating breakfast with Mr. Lewis at my sister’s store. We said hi to each other.”

“I see.”

Elisa hooked onto Serenity’s arm. She said softly, “I think Duncan isn’t good enough for Liberty because of his scarred face. Mrs. Lewis looks down on her too. It’s better if nothing is going on. between them. With my mom here, Liberty can definitely get married to a better man if she intends to remarry.”

Serenity smiled. “If my sister wishes to get married, I’ll keep an eye out too.”

She used to rely on her sister in the past. Now that she had Zachary and higher status, she wanted to become someone her sister could depend on.

“Let’s go. I’ll introduce you two to my best friend. Her cousin works in education and has established a few private schools. The amount of vegetables students and teachers require each day is huge. Let’s see if we can be in charge of those private schools‘ vegetable supply.”

The main reason Elisa willingly accompanied her parents to the banquet was to discuss business Although they had yet to grow crops, the farms were already underway. They would be able to plant fruits and vegetables there soon.

A business deal could not be decided in mere moments either. After all, the other party alread had a fixed supplier. They were the ones who were showing up out of the blue. However, it woul not hurt to get to know some people.


Serenity and Jasmine wanted to get to know Elisa’s best friend too.

They followed Elisa.


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