Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1338 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1338

Serenity asked Camryn softly, “Is she trying to arrange a marriage for you and some rich man’s son?”

After pressing her lips together, Camryn replied softly, “She won’t let me get married to a rich man. She’ll only give me to someone else. She can give me to anyone who’ll benefit her.”

Serenity was furious upon hearing that.

Sensing her anger, Camryn smiled unexpectedly. She said, “Don’t worry. I can protect myself.” She had a small blade with her wherever she went.

Serenity still wanted to say something, but Camryn poked her palm again. Therefore, she did not say anything else.

Mrs. Newman chose a quiet and relatively remote spot. She gestured to Serenity to sit.

“Do you want anything to eat, Mrs. York? I’ll take some food for you.”

“No, thank you. You can talk about what you want, Mrs. Newman.”

Mrs. Newman laughed sheepishly. She said, “Mrs. York, you and Camryn clicked right away and are friends. Carrie is Camryn’s biological sister. Can you not sue Carrie for Camryn’s sake, Mrs. York?

“I know Carrie made a mistake. She knows what she did wrong now. She’s still young and immature, but don’t worry. I’ll educate her well in the future. I won’t let her offend you again.

“Since Carrie smashed your car, we’re willing to compensate you with two of the same car. If you have any other requests, just let us know. I’ll satisfy anything as long as it’s within my capabilities. Mrs. York, we’re in the same social circle. We see each other so frequently. It’ll look bad if things become awkward.

“Don’t you think so, Mrs. York? Anyone can make mistakes, and it’s better to forgive whenever possible.”

Mrs. Newman secretly pinched Camryn.

Camryn found it painful.

“What did you do to Camryn, Mrs. Newman?”

Serenity saw Camryn grimacing with pain. Her expression darkened. She asked Camryn out of concern, “What did she do to you, Camryn?”

“Mrs. York, Camryn is my daughter. What can I possibly do to her? She might’ve eaten something bad and her stomach’s feeling sick.”

If it were not for her beloved daughter, Mrs. Newman would have refused to talk to a country bumpkin. She hated Camryn more for being scheming and evil. Camryn deliberately made a painful expression in front of Serenity. Was Camryn not letting Serenity know that she, as a mother, was treating her daughter poorly?

“Mom, I never even drank a glass of water since coming here. How could I have an upset

stomach? It’s my thigh that hurts, not my stomach.”

Camryn’s voice was soft, but it made Mrs. Newman want to strangle her to death.

She was angry and did not give Camryn a chance to speak. She said to Serenity, “Mrs. York, your misunderstanding with Carrie arose because of Camryn. Camryn and Carrie are sisters. Their grudges never last overnight, and they’ve reconciled. It’s not good for you, an outsider, to keep holding on to this matter, right?

“We’re willing to compensate you. We’ve also apologized countless times. We still have to meet each other in the future, so I’ll advise you to be more magnanimous. Don’t be so petty. Your journey will be difficult if you offend too many people.”

Mrs. Newman addressed Serenity as Mrs. York, but it was evident through her words that she did not respect Serenity at all. Her disdain for Serenity was bone–deep.

Even if Serenity married into the York family, she was still a country bumpkin to Mrs. Newman.

If it were not for Zachary supporting Serenity, Mrs. Newman would have had a way to get her daughter out even if Serenity sued Carrie.

“Carrie hired someone to harm me. Am I narrow–minded for not forgiving her? Mrs. Newman, I disagree with your thoughts and words.”

“Were you hurt? You didn’t even lose a hair, but my daughter went to prison!”

Serenity sneered. “That’s because I’m skilled in self–defense. What your daughter did was against the law. She spent money to hire someone to hurt me and smash my car. That’s a crime. I wasn’t injured, but does that mean her actions can be erased?

“I won’t accuse your daughter wrongly, but I won’t condone her behavior either. She has to accept the punishment that comes along with what she has done. This is a problem between your daughter and me. It has nothing to do with Camryn.

Mrs. Newman’s expression turned cold. “Serenity Hunt, are you insisting on having my daughter sentenced?”


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