Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 512 – 513 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 512

Liberty’s beauty disappeared when she became fat.

Hank ruined Liberty.

“Liberty, what do you want?” Hank softened his tone and asked.

“Give me the original copy of this evidence and I’ll try to meet your request as best as I can. Then, we can part on good terms.”

Now, Hank had nearly two million dollars in savings.

If he did not talk it out with Liberty, she would sue him, and the evidence she had was to her advantage. Hank was at a disadvantage, and the court would most likely force him to share half of his assets with Liberty.

If Liberty handed over the evidence of Hank accepting commissions to Hank’s boss, Hank would not be able to keep his managerial position even if his boss did not fire him.

Besides, Hank received commissions from his customers and helped them do things that cost the company losses. If his boss investigated him and found out about this, Hank would not be able to keep his job.

His boss might even spread the word about his behavior, making it difficult for him to find a job in the future.

This would affect his career.

With his future and interests at stake, Hank had to stay humble and discuss the divorce with Liberty calmly even though he really wanted to strangle Liberty at that moment.

“I won’t ask for more than my share, just what I deserve. I won’t ask for a cut of your house and car either, but you have to compensate me in other ways.”

Liberty stated her condition.

“I won’t ask you for the renovation costs. Since I paid for it, I’ll take it back myself.”

As long as Hank agreed to the terms and went through the divorce procedures, Liberty would hire a group of workers and smash up the refurbishments she paid for initially. She also wanted them to scrape the plaster off the walls. Liberty would return the house in whatever condition Hank bought it at..

“I’ll take Sonny’s custody, and you’ll give three thousand dollars a month for child support. With your income, this isn’t considered a big amount. Sonny’s your son too, so I think it’s only fair, right?

“After Sonny turns eighteen, you don’t need to pay child support anymore, and I won’t limit the number of times you visit Sonny. When you finally remember that you have a son and want to see him, you can do so whenever you want.”

Hank’s face turned gloomy again.

Jessica mumbled, “You didn’t earn a penny after marriage. Why are you asking for money so boldly now?”

“I didn’t earn a penny, but I married him and contributed to the family in other ways so he didn’t have to worry about anything and concentrate on work. That’s my effort, so you can’t say that I didn’t contribute anything just because I didn’t go to work.

“I didn’t ask for his personal property before marriage, and his income after marriage belongs to the both of us. What I asked for is what I deserve, so why should I be embarrassed to take it? He bought you so many expensive gifts using our joint money. Did he ever ask me for my opinion?

“Ms. Yates, did you return those gifts to me? If I file a lawsuit, you’ll have to return everything that he gave you too.”

Jessica was speechless.

“Hank, you may think that you’ll suffer a loss if I take so much from you at once. But think about it. As long as you can keep your current job, you can earn more than a million dollars a year with your current income. After our divorce, you can continue to take commissions, and you and your lover here can be together openly.

“Ms. Yates was a promising young lady when she became your mistress, so you can’t let her down, right?

“If your relationship is exposed, it won’t be good for both your reputations. Don’t you feel bad if others speak ill of Ms. Yates?”

Hank was silent.

It killed him thinking that he had to give Liberty more than a million dollars at once.

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 513

After a long silence, Hank said, “Liberty, if I agree to your condition of dividing the property, will you really give me all the evidence you have and promise not to report me to my boss?”

“As long as I get what I deserve, I promise that I won’t take any revenge against you.”

However, Liberty could not guarantee that Serenity or Zachary would not do anything.

After pondering for a while, Hank said, “I can give you the money, but can’t give you Sonny’s custody. Sonny is my flesh and blood, and my parents love Sonny.”

“I won’t give up on Sonny’s custody.”

Hank was afraid that if he gave Liberty the custody of Sonny, his parents would kill him when he returned home.

Besides, Sonny was his son and his only child at present, so he was reluctant to give up Sonny.

Liberty raised her hand and splashed her unfinished juice on Hank’s face.

“Hank, how do you still have the nerve to fight for Sonny’s custody? How dare you claim Sonny as your flesh and blood and your parents‘ grandson. Just look at how you all treated Sonny.

“Sonny still cries a lot, and the bruises on his face haven’t subsided. Didn’t you cause enough harm to Sonny? Will you only be satisfied when Sonny dies because of your family?”

Hank looked pathetic with his face stained with juice.

He was also irritated by Liberty’s actions.

Jessica hurriedly took out a tissue and helped him wipe the juice off his face. She then said to Liberty, “Didn’t you say you want to talk properly? Why did you splash Hank with juice and stain his suit? Will you pay for his dry cleaning?”

“Ms. Yates, I think you haven’t figured out the situation yet.”

Liberty said sarcastically, “Before our divorce is finalized, Hank is legally still my husband, so what’s his is also mine. Ms. Yates, what right do you have to ask me to pay for his dry

cleaning? Who the hell are you?”

Jessica was so angry that her face turned red.


Hank said gently, “I’m fine. Don’t get mad because of her. Otherwise, I’ll feel bad for you.”

Jessica said softly, “But I feel bad for you.”

Liberty looked with mocking eyes at the two people showing off their affection for each other.

Hank was completely dead to her. Did Hank think that Liberty would get agitated if he and Jessica acted lovey–dovey?

That would just make Liberty nauseous.


Hank suppressed his anger and said, “What happened with Sonny was an accident. Matthew and Lucas are still young and aren’t sensible. We’ve already dealt with them and taught Matthew a lesson. Matthew apologized to Sonny, and my sister paid fifty thousand dollars for Sonny’s emotional damage.

“So, just let it end here, okay? I can guarantee that this won’t happen again. My parents have moved out of my sister’s house and into my house, so they’ll take care of Sonny

wholeheartedly in the future.”

“Sonny’s custody belongs to me.”

“If you promise to give up on Sonny’s custody, I’ll transfer half of my savings to you right now. Then, we can go to the City Hall to finalize the divorce.”

It happened to be a Monday, so the City Hall was open.

It was also just after lunch, so they still had time to go through the formalities.

Transferring money to Liberty would also be easy since Hank was a VIP customer in the bank. Thus, he could get the transfer done quickly.

“Hank, I want to have a chat with Ms. Yates alone. Please give us some privacy.”

Hank and Jessica looked at each other. Jessica said softly, “Don’t worry, I won’t let her bully me. You should go out first. I’m curious about what she wants from me.” “Liberty, talk properly. Don’t use your fists!”


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