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Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 515

Liberty said, “Ms. Yates, you’ll probably marry Hank after we get divorced. You’re both young, so it won’t be long before you have your own child. Are you willing to let Sonny share Hank’s fatherly love with your child?

“Even if Hank said that his parents will take care of Sonny in his hometown, his parents will definitely feel sorry for Sonny and favor Sonny over your child. They’ll also ask Hank to spend more time with Sonny and treat your child differently.


you willing to let your child suffer like that?

“If I take Sonny, I will only ask Hank to pay three thousand dollars a month for child support. Hank doesn’t need to care about anything else. I won’t blame him even if he doesn’t see Sonny again in the next decade. This will be the best solution with the least impact on you and your children.

“You don’t have to see the kid that Hank and I share all the time either. I’m guessing that when you look at Sonny, you’ll think of my past with Hank. Hank and I have known each other for twelve years, having dated for seven years and were married for more than three years. That’s much longer than your relationship with him…

“Can you really not be bothered? If Sonny is with me, you don’t have to see him again. Maybe Hank will still visit Sonny in the beginning, but once you have your own child, his attention. will be on your child.

“Your child can have all his love. Isn’t that great? Hank earns a lot, so in the future, all his money will be for you and your children. After Sonny turns eighteen, Hank won’t need to pay child support anymore, and you can save a lot of money.

“Think about it. It’s so expensive to get married now. The groom has to buy a house, a car, an expensive wedding gift, and hold a ceremony. All of that takes money. If Hank takes custody of Sonny, Hank might help Sonny to buy a house and a car in the future so that Sonny can get. married. That will just further deplete your children’s share.”

Jessica was silent for a long time before she asked, “What do you want me to do? Can you guarantee that you won’t contact Hank again after you take custody of Sonny? If he wants to

see Sonny, you can send Sonny to his parent’s place and let them meet there.

“Sonny’s child support will be cut by half to a thousand and five hundred dollars a month. You can’t ask Hank for more money for Sonny’s school or wedding in the future. But when Hank gets old, Sonny must fulfill his responsibility as a son.


you can do this, I’ll persuade Hank to give up Sonny’s custody and give it to you.”

Liberty looked at Jessica and said calmly, “If I file for divorce, the judge will give Sonny’s. custody to me since I’ve been taking care of Sonny all this while. Moreover, I still have

evidence of the Browns abusing Sonny, so Hank has no chance of winning.

“I’m only willing to negotiate calmly for your sake, Ms. Yates. Anyway, you’re the homewrecker, and you and Hank have already slept together. If you get pregnant, do

child to be called an illegitimate child?


“If you two live together and have a child as husband and wife, I can also sue Hank for bigamy.

“Sonny’s child support must be three thousand dollars a month, and not a penny less. I won’t ask for a penny more either. If Hank fulfills his responsibility of raising Sonny, and when Sonny gets older, Sonny will naturally fulfill his responsibility as a son to support Hank.”

you want

Liberty did not want Sonny to be responsible for supporting the scumbag Hank in the future if Hank refuses child support.

Now that Liberty had the upper hand, she would fight for her son’s child support.

“Of course, it’ll be better if Hank pays for Sonny’s child support in full.”

Jessica was silenced again.

Liberty stopped talking, looked at Jessica quietly, and waited for her to think it through. After a long time, Jessica said, “I can persuade Hank, but I can’t guarantee that he’ll listen.”


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