Married at First Sight Chapter 2265 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2265 by desirenovelLiberty said: “The novelty is over. When he goes to kindergarten, he has to get up early every day, and he can’t go to his aunt’s house to play, and he has to do homework after returning home.”

Duncan: “Don’t force Sonny to learn too much. He has to take martial arts classes on weekends. A three-year-old child is just at the age of being playful and active. He should have a happy childhood and you don’t put too much pressure on him to study. “

Liberty: “I didn’t put too much pressure on Sonny. I just asked him to write a page of red ink every day. He signed up before he went to kindergarten. He is still in kindergarten, and my aim is to let him play happily in early childhood. I didn’t enroll him in other interest classes, unless he wants to learn by himself.”

Duncan said with a smile: “A child, it’s like this when he first started kindergarten. After a long time, he has adapted to the life of kindergarten, so he won’t say he doesn’t want to go to kindergarten.”

Liberty remembered that her cousin went to kindergarten when she was a child, and her parents and elder brothers had to carry her into the car. She smiled and said, “Give him some time to get used to it. I’m telling him that you can’t do things half-heartedly, and you have to persevere.”

“Serenity was trained so well by you, I believe Sonny will also be trained to be an excellent person by you.”

Duncan didn’t speak for Sonny anymore. The little guy was spoiled by everyone, and he didn’t want to go to kindergarten because he felt that going to kindergarten was no longer fun.

Liberty was a mother, and when it came to educating her children, she was slack and well-mannered.

Duncan believed that Liberty could cultivate Sonny well.

Duncan: “What I said just now, you think I’m drunk and talking nonsense.”

Yesterday, he did drink a lot of wine. Fortunately, he has a good capacity for drinking and did not pass out.

“Let’s have breakfast.” Liberty stuffed the disposable chopsticks into his hand and said: “If this happens again in the future, I won’t bring you breakfast. I’ll make you hungry. Anyway, you’re the one who’s hungry, not me.”

Duncan smiled narrowly, “You will be reluctant.”

“I am willing, very willing.”

Liberty responded to him angrily, and sat down at his desk face to face with him.

Duncan happily ate the breakfast delivered by Liberty.

“Liberty, I need to socialize at night, can you spare time to accompany me to socialize?”

Liberty: “Probably not.”

She was also busy. And her new restaurant just opened, and she couldn’t get away.

Duncan smiled, “I knew it would be this answer, it’s okay, you are busy, if you don’t have time to take care of Sonny, I’ll send someone to pick him up, at night, I will take Sonny to socialize, Sonny will definitely set foot in the business world in the future. Yes, let him hear and see from an early age and accumulate experience in advance.”

With an uncle like Zachary, the path Sonny would take in the future was almost predictable.

Besides, Liberty was also working hard to start a business. When Sonny grew up, Liberty had probably established a whole world.

Sonny would naturally become the successor of Liberty’s career.

“I can ask Sonny to stay in my office, or ask Jim to pick him up.”

Grandma York was at her sister’s house, if Jim picked up Sonny, the old lady would only be happy.

“Let me pick him up, Sonny likes me very much now.”

Duncan had made up his mind, decided to take Sonny to the party tonight.

Cultivate Sonny since childhood, and Liberty would be much more relaxed in the future.


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