Married at First Sight Chapter 2271 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2271 by desirenovelAfter coming out of the restaurant, Mrs. Brown reached out to her daughter.

“Mom, what do you want?” Chelsea pretended to be an idiot.

Mrs. Brown said: “Give me $5000 gift money that Liberty returned.”

Chelsea: “Mom, the business of my building materials store is not doing well recently, and there is no money to be made. The food for my family of five is almost in trouble. Give me the five thousand dollars to turn around.
Besides, when Hank’s accident happened, fortunately I was there and helped Hank block it. Only then did Hank save his life, and I was also injured and hospitalized.

Jessica went in and didn’t pay me for medical expenses. All the expenses of my hospitalization were paid by myself. Hank and the poisonous woman Jessica have not yet divorced. She is still your daughter-in-law. Your daughter-in-law hurt your daughter. Give me $5,000, and it will be considered as nutrition expenses.”

Mrs. Brown reached out and poked her daughter’s forehead, “Don’t cry poorly in front of me. I and your father have helped you so much, but you are not satisfied. What is the situation at home now? Hank was hospitalized and spent all of his family’s savings. This is $5,000 and this money was also made by me and your father through scraping together.

Don’t think that I don’t know how much money you and your husband have saved. There are not millions, but there are a million. Your building materials business is very good. Just because I have been in the hospital for a long time doesn’t mean I am stupid.

Now Hank can’t be discharged from the hospital. I don’t know how much it will cost. Even if you want to rob your natal family, you can’t do it at this time.

Think about it, Hank has helped you a lot in the past. Whatever you wanted to eat before, you would go to your brother’s house to eat. It was Liberty who served your family of five, like serving your ancestors. It was a habit to take advantage of it, so I didn’t even look at it. What is the situation with your natal brother now?”

Chelsea reluctantly took out the big red envelope and returned $5000 to her mother.

She was still muttering, “Liberty is rich now, she divorced Hank, but Hank is Sonny’s biological father, if there is no medical expenses, you can ask Liberty for it. For Sonny’s sake, Liberty will not refuse.”

Mrs. Brown reached out and pinched her daughter’s face.

She was so angry that she struck hard.

Chelsea was pinched to death by her mother.

“Liberty doesn’t owe anything to our family or Hank. Sonny follows her. She will spend more time, energy and money to raise Sonny and grow up. We don’t want to help her, so why bother to find her?” She wants money?

If your dad and your younger brother hear what you said, and if your dad doesn’t slap you a few times, I’ll take your surname Brown.”

After Mrs. Brown scolded her daughter, she blamed herself and regretted it: “It’s because your parents didn’t teach you well, and they made you a selfish white-eyed wolf who only knows to take advantage of your parents and brothers. If you have the ability, you can take advantage of your mother-in-law’s family.”

Chelsea said: “Okay, mom, I’ve already returned the money to you, don’t say any more, I know I’m not a good thing, anyway, it’s your own, I love to take advantage of Hank, but when something happened to Hank, I also Fight with my life to save him.”

Chelsea turned her head to look at the exterior decoration of All You Can Eat restaurant, and said enviously: “If I can open a restaurant with a booming business in the future, I will be able to wake up from my dream.”

“As far as your cooking skills are concerned, don’t lose money by opening a restaurant. Liberty’s restaurant business is booming, not only because of her good cooking skills, but also because her sister is the eldest mistress of the York family. Hurry up. It’s embarrassing to always come here to Liberty.” Mrs. Brown scolded her daughter a few words, left her and left by herself.

Chelsea muttered, but she didn’t know what she was muttering about.

Instead of following her mother, she turned and walked to the other side by herself.

At the same time, the Wiltspoon Hotel.

Julian deliberately drove a seven-seater commercial vehicle worth more than $100,000.

His business car was the same model as the one that Zachary used when he pretended to be poor and cheated on his wife.

Julian’s car was still a new car, one could tell at a glance that it had just been bought.

He didn’t buy this car to pretend to be poor.


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