Married at First Sight Chapter 2272 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2272 by desirenovelWhen Kiera “saved” him, he was driving a multi-million dollar luxury car, and he also revealed himself to be a big president in front of Kiera, so there was no need for him to pretend to be poor.

He prepared gifts for the kids, all of which were toys that the kids liked to play with, which is why he drove a seven-seater business car here today. If there were too many things, he would change the car.

Changing to an ordinary vehicle would not attract the attention of others.

Julian was very famous in Wiltspoon, but he was often seen by others, and few people had seen him in person.

He showed up at the Wiltspoon Hotel in a car worth more than $100,000, and it really didn’t attract the attention of others.

When Julian arrived at Wiltspoon Hotel, he didn’t get off the car immediately, but called Kiera first.

Kiera quickly answered his call.

Kiera: “Mr. Bucham.”

Julian: “Ms. Caron, good morning.”

Kiera: “Good morning, Mr. Bucham, what’s the matter?”

Kiera led the students to continue the competition, but was not in the hotel. When she answered the phone, she was still staring at the students who were competing.

They were all good seedlings that she carefully selected and brought over, and they performed well.

If she won the championship again in this competition, she would be able to promote Caron family martial arts and encourage more parents to send their children to the martial arts hall to learn martial arts.

Julian: “Ms. Caron, are you busy?”

Kiera: “Well, my students are still competing.”

Julian smiled, “If that’s the case, you’re not in the hotel anymore, are you? We agreed to meet for lunch at noon, and I will treat you and the kids to lunch, Miss Caron, did you forget?”

“It’s not time to eat yet. After our game is over, we can go back to the hotel for lunch.” Kiera instinctively said.

Julian smiled, “I’ve already come to the hotel, so I’ll wait for you at the hotel. Ms. Caron, you watch the students compete with peace of mind.”

He prepared gifts for the children, and also prepared a decent gift for Kiera.

Kiera smiled and said, “Mr. Bucham, you came here so early? I thought I’d contact you at 11:30.”

Julian said: “For lunch, let me invite my savior to lunch. I must arrive at the hotel earlier. Ms. Caron, I can’t let you wait for me. Ms. Caron, it’s okay. I’ll just wait in the hotel. You can watch the children’s competition at ease. Congratulations to you in advance for the championship.”

“We will definitely win the championship!” Kiera was very confident.

Even Julian’s subordinates said she was good at elementary school martial arts, and she was confident that the students she taught would win the championship.

After winning the championship, she asked her father for a bonus after returning home.

Her small treasury, because this time she took her children to live in the Wiltspoon Hotel, and when she was not playing games, she liked to take a group of Hua Gulongs around, so that the children could see the prosperity of the big city and broaden their horizons. It was expensive.

In order to enrich her wallet, this time, she hoped to win the championship more than anyone else.

Julian liked Kiera’s self-confidence and arrogance.

She really deserved to be his destined girl.


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