The Mans Decree Chapter 3868

Chapter 3868 You Got It Right
“To think a mere Fourth Level Tribulator cultivator dare to talk big with me,” sneered Nolan.
“I didn’t expect you to grasp the time nascence. Unfortunately, you’re just an illusion right now, so that won’t be enough to restrict me.” Suddenly, Kai burst into laughter.
The sudden unexpected event gave Nolan quite a scare.
All it took was a wave of Kai’s hand to ward off Nolan’s aura.
“How… How can you still move?” Nolan was utterly astounded.
“What do you think?” Kai asked, smirking.
“Could it be that you also possess the time nascence?” Nolan looked at Kai in disbelief.
“Congratulations, you’re correct, but sadly there’s no prize.” Kai said with a playful tone.
“It can’t be! It took me centuries of cultivation to grasp the time nascence. How could a mere Fourth Level Tribulator cultivator like you achieve this? This can’t be real!” Nolan simply didn’t believe it.
“Can’t be real?” Kai sneered, swiftly sweeping his hands aside.
Time, which had once been held frozen, began to flow once again.
“What just happened?” Holden’s face was full of astonishment.
Everyone was shocked because they had just experienced a period where they were unconscious like there was a blank gap in their minds.
“Leighton, take Selma and leave immediately.” Nolan spoke to Leighton with a serious expression.
Leighton didn’t understand what had happened, but he didn’t dare to defy orders either. Thus, he was ready to flee with Selma’s soul remnant.
However, the moment he moved, he was shocked, because no matter how hard he tried, he simply couldn’t move.
“Mr. Nolan, this is…” Leighton was utterly shocked.
Nolan once again tried to unleash his time nascence, hoping to counteract Kai. However, no matter how hard he tried, Leighton and the others still couldn’t move.
Kai was seen striking a palm toward Leighton and the others.
As a palm print, shimmering with lightning, descended, Leighton and the others were all smacked to the ground by it.
With a single palm strike, Kai killed all of the Mueller family members.
“No!” Nolan roared in fury.
He simply couldn’t understand what had happened. Kai is merely a Fourth Level Tribulator. How on earth did he manage to comprehend the time nascence?
“Kid, you’ll pay for this!” Nolan roared, his figure gradually fading away.
Kai, on the other hand, spurted out a mouthful of fresh blood, clutching his chest and gasping for air.
Kai had only started to grasp the time nascence, so he wasn’t powerful enough to stop everything from moving.
The reason Leighton was unable to act earlier was that Kai had exploited Nolan’s time nascence.
“Mr. Chance, are you all right?” Bianca and the others hurriedly rushed over.
“I’m fine, just a bit worn out,” Kai said with a slight smile.
On the side, Holden and the others, while staring at the deceased members of the Mueller family, each harbored complicated emotions.
Despite Kai only being a Fourth Level Tribulator cultivator, he managed to eliminate a Ninth Level Tribulator cultivator effortlessly.
It was ridiculous.
Then, there was Selma, who had clearly reached Ultimate Realm, yet Kai was still able to defeat her in combat.
It didn’t matter if Kai used his magical item or his own strength. In the end, Selma was dead without a soul remnant left behind.
As such, those people wondered just how many secrets Kai still held or how many treasures he possessed.
Suddenly, a massive tremor shook the ground. The enormous barrier that protected Infinitus Celestial Sect began to show signs of cracking.
Upon seeing the situation, Kai let out a thunderous roar. “Hurry, the Infinitus Celestial Sect is about to collapse!”
If that barrier were to disappear, the various spacetime vortexes of the chaos dimension would overwhelm that place. None of them would stand a chance of survival.
Upon seeing the situation, everyone scattered and fled in panic, managing to escape before the collapse of Infinitus Celestial Sect.

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