The Strongest War God – Chapter 738

Chapter 738: Choosing Jonah Shaw to be the War God of the Nation!

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Braydon Neal arrived at the foot of Mount Bliz and looked at the six of them. He then turned to Luther Carden and said softly, “From now on, you will be in charge of the Northern Army. After the war in the northern territory has subsided, Skylar will take over the position of commander!”

The moment they met.

Braydon announced a major change.

He wanted to retire!

Moreover, he would have to pass the position of commander to his younger brother, Skylar Neal.

When he said that, everyone was shocked.

The ten commanders were led by Cole Colbie.

At this moment.

Cole angrily said, “The sole commander of the Northern Army is the Northern King. The position of commander belongs to you alone. No one can touch it. Whoever dares touch it, I will kill them!”

“Skylar can’t take this position!”

Luther slowly stood up from his wheelchair and expressed his stance.

Yuri Qualls, the killing God, was Blake Matthew’s senior.

Yuri’s knowledge originated from Mount Sino!

Mount Sino’s Waylin Jansky was Yuri’s other teacher.

Therefore, Yuri clasped his hands behind his back and said softly, “Brother, it was the teacher who decided that you would take over the position of commander when you were young. The position belongs to you and you alone. No one can touch it. There’s one more thing that you might not know.”

Braydon frowned. He had grown up with the Yuri.

These bad eggs would never hide anything from him!

Luther said softly, ‘When we were young, our teacher forced us to swear a heavy oath that we would not covet the position of the commander for the rest of our lives. If we covet it, we will die in the hands of the heavens!”

Yuri and the others had all sworn this oath.

Even Eggy Skylar was not spared. It was also the same for Frediano Jadanza. Back then, he was forced to make an oath by Finley Yanagi.

Finley Yanagi was meticulous!

Back then, this old commander had long sensed the potential of Frediano and the others. As long as they were able to grow older, they would definitely be Qilin talents.

With so many Qilin sons, if they were to compete with Braydon for the position of commander, it would definitely cause the Northern Army to fall into internal strife and split up.

In reality, in recent years, there had been people in the capital who had constantly contacted Yuri and the others, intending to support them from behind and make them shake Braydon’s position as commander.

It was equivalent to dividing the northern army.

In the end, the major factions in the capital had underestimated King Braydon’s control over the Northern Army.

Just the northern desert alone had a million elites.

Without exception, they were all loyal!

What was loyalty?

With a single order from Braydon, the million elites would die for him!

All these years, all the external forces had sent special envoys to secretly contact them.

They were all killed by the Yuri on the spot.

Luther and the others were not only the ten commanders of the Northern Army, but they are also childhood friends who grew up with Braydon.

Others could plot against Braydon in every possible way.

Only Luther and the others couldn’t.

At this moment, Luther said softly, “Brother, you’ve sealed the Northern King Sword on Mount Tanish and publicly announced that Northern King Neal would no longer exist in the human world. The world is shocked!”

Yesterday at Mount Tanish, Braydon sealed the Northern King Sword and shattered the Qilin Nation Protection Seal.

Many people were shocked!

“Is it because of that girl on Mount Bliz?” Cole asked in a low voice.

“Are you really going to give up everything for her?”

The fifth brother, Qadry Knight, stared at Braydon.

Landry Knight was refined and said softly, “Brother, we, the Northern Army, have worked hard for ten years to help you achieve success on Mount Tanish.

We can’t give up just like that!”

These people were all disapproving of Braydon’s retirement.

No one could replace Braydon’s position.

The Northern King was the only commander in the eyes of the sons of the Northern Army.

It had been like this for ten years.

Skylar might be very strong, but if he were to take over the position of commander, the millions of elites of the Northern Army might not pledge their loyalty to the death.

The hundred regimental commanders of the Northern Army might not be willing to pledge their loyalty to him!

The soldiers of this generation only respected Braydon.

Compared to King Braydon, the prestige of the ten commanders was still lacking.

The commander position of the Northern Army belonged solely to Braydon.

The rest was not allowed to touch the position!

Those who touched it would die!

Cole and the others would definitely not submit to Skylar!

Braydon looked at them and said softly, “The Northern Army has worked hard for more than ten years to grow to such a scale. I naturally haven’t forgotten my mission back then!

“Don’t worry. Even if I retire and remove the Northern King Sword from my side, I will protect you for the rest of my life. If necessary, I will make Skylar king in the northern desert and lead the people of the north to guard the northern desert!”

Braydon’s words were filled with a hint of sternness.

He wanted Skylar to be the king of the northern desert.

He was determined not to turn back!

Cole said in a low voice, ‘We don’t care about these empty titles. We care about the power the Garrison King possesses. Only by holding the Qilin Nation Protection Seal can you suppress the four great entities and protect the sons of the Northern Army. You have to finish what you have started out to do!” Even now, Cole and the others were still worried about the capital.

The ten commanders of the Northern Army were still worried that the Northern Army would follow in the footsteps of the Ludwig Army.

Braydon gazed at Cole and calmly said, “I’ll personally write a letter and send it to the capital later. The governor office will pass it to Uncle Sutton and have Martial Emperor Yanagi read it personally.” “What letter?”

Luther motioned for Cole to stop talking.

They had grown up together, so how could they not understand their eldest brother’s personality?

Almost no one could change Braydon’s mind.

In answering Luther’s question…

“I’ll suggest that Teacher, Martial Emperor Yanagi, choose Jonah to be the War God of Hansworth,” Braydon said faintly.

“You want to recommend Jonah as the War God of Hansworth?”

Yuri was stunned.

The others also looked as if they had seen a ghost.

With Jonah Shaw’s personality, wasn’t he a little too unruly?

Luther frowned slightly. “If Sadie can be healed, can you promise me that you won’t let the Northern King Sword be covered in dust?”


Braydon looked at Luther and agreed decisively!

In order to heal Sadie, Braydon did not hesitate to agree to anyone’s conditions.

Luther, this sly old fox, sounded like he was testing him.

He just wanted to see what Braydon would do for the girl on Mount Bliz.

Now, it seemed that there was no need to probe anymore!

Braydon was willing to pay any price to heal Sadie.

Even if he was threatened, he would not hesitate!

“I’ll use the Northern Army’s hidden agents to search for the world’s rare treasures and heal her. But before that, I want to take you to the tiger gate to take a look.” Luther sighed.

Braydon took a deep look at Luther and didn’t reject him. He followed him to the first gate of the ten gates of the northern desert.

The first gate was the tiger gate.

Outside tiger gate, blood was flowing like a river, and corpses were floating everywhere!

The elites of the three great armies of Namar were all killed by the cold swords. Not a single one of them survived.

The commander of Namar, Taraz Ross, had been beheaded, and his head hung on the gate..

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