An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2130

Chapter 2130

Being late for such an important thing is enough to prove that Goryeo is unreliable.

He was now beginning to doubt whether it was right to bring Korea into the alliance.

“How long do we have to wait? You have to give us an answer, right?”

William said calmly: “Are we going to keep waiting since those guys from Korea haven’t come?”


“Mr. Bailey, with the strength of us people, we can handle everything. We don’t need the help of Korea at all, so it makes no difference whether they come or not.”

Brahma of Tianzhu said.

He didn’t have a good impression of the people of Goryeo either.

I just heard about it before and didn’t feel much about it.

Now after experiencing it myself, it has turned into disgust.

“Wait another five minutes. If the people from Korea still don’t come, just pretend they weren’t invited.” Bailey said solemnly.

This gathering was organized by him.

The people from Goryeo had not arrived for a long time, which was undoubtedly because they did not give him face.

“Okay, just wait another five minutes.”

Having said that, William did not continue to pester.

Time passed slowly, and soon, five minutes had passed.

Seeing that the people from the Koryo Kingdom had not arrived yet, Bailey stood up with a sullen face and said in a sonorous voice: “The Koryo Kingdom is absent for no reason.

On behalf of the gods, I will strip them of their qualifications to form an alliance. The next thing will be done by our five countries. !”

Before he finished speaking, a loud sound of footsteps suddenly sounded at the door.

Immediately afterwards, a middle-aged man wearing golden armor walked into the courtyard with a group of silver-armored guards.

These silver-armored guards carry long bows on their backs, hold silver spears in their hands, and hang daggers on their waists.

They look majestic and arrogant.

“Mr. Bailey, I’m sorry, we’re late.”

The leading man in golden armor laughed loudly, then stepped forward and shook hands with Bailey.

Bailey frowned and did not respond, but asked: “Mr. Park Guochang, I reminded you that this party is at eight o’clock in the evening, and it needs to be low-key. Why did you bring so many people here?”

For a secret gathering, it is enough to bring two cronies.

The guy in front of him was lucky. He had brought more than a hundred people with him, and he was afraid that the Dragon Kingdom wouldn’t find him.

Faced with the question, Park Guochang spread his hands, pretending to have a headache, and showed off: “Mr. Bailey, I have been low-key enough, but unfortunately my strength does not allow it! It is only to blame that our Goryeo army has many generals and excellent generals.

There are so many talents!”


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