An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2133

Chapter 2133

“My hands are weapons.”

William stepped forward, his fingers spread slightly, and the sharp black nails popped out instantly, like a blade.

“Hmph! Judging from your appearance, you probably haven’t trimmed your nails for a long time. I’m here to help you today!”

Park Guochang flicked his spear and stabbed it directly without any nonsense.

Its speed was so fast that only a flash of golden light could be seen shooting out.

Facing the attack, William did not retreat but advanced. His whole b*dy turned into a bloody afterimage and hit the golden spear head-on.

“court death!”

Park Guochang sneered, and the golden spear in his hand suddenly erupted into gun shadows all over the sky.

The dazzling golden light instantly illuminated the entire courtyard.

So much so that those watching the battle could not help but narrow their eyes.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…”

Accompanied by a burst of sound, the dense golden gun shadows, like a series of cannonballs, directly pierced the bloody afterimage of William into a sieve.

The whole process was simple and crude, without any hindrance.

“Hmph! Vulnerable!”

Park Guochang confidently put away his gun, his face full of pride.

Daring to use your b*dy to confront your own gun is simply asking for death.

“Mr. Bailey, I’m really sorry. I just used too much force and accidentally stabbed the person you invited to death. Please forgive me.”

Park Guochang turned his head and looked at Bailey, feeling proud.

“Mr. Park Guochang, please see clearly, did you really stab William?” Bailey asked without changing his expression.


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