An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2135

“Go to hell!”

Park Guochang’s scalp was numb when he was stared at by William’s scarlet eyes. He clenched the spear with both hands and turned it suddenly.


The head of the gun trembled violently, and with skill, it missed William’s nails and sn*ked up his arm.

Like a spiritual snake, it stabbed William in the chest with great speed and precision.


There was a sound of flesh breaking.

Without any hindrance, Park Guochang’s full shot stabbed William to the core.

The tip of the spear pierced through the chest and came out from the back, sprinkling scarlet blood on the ground.

“It’s done!”

Park Guochang looked happy.

This spear stabbed solidly, not as ethereal as before.

Not only was there blood, but it was also a vital location.

A fatal blow!

“The general is mighty!”

Seeing this scene, hundreds of silver-armored guards shouted in unison, looking particularly excited.

Anyone who dares to insult Koryo will die!

“Hahaha…I thought it was so powerful, but it turned out to be so weak that it couldn’t even block one of my shots. It’s really disappointing!”

Park Guochang smiled proudly and jerked back the spear in his hand, leaving a bloody hole in William’s chest.

But what surprised him was that William did not fall down, but still stared at him.

An expression like looking at prey.

Everyone, including Bailey and others, looked calm and not at all surprised.

“Do you think you won?”

Suddenly, William smiled, his smile was sinister, and his pale face looked like an evil ghost: “Your attack is just to tickle me.”


Park Guochang frowned.

Only then did he discover to his horror that the bloody hole in William’s chest was beginning to heal at a speed visible to the n*ked eye.

In just a few breaths, the original fatal injury had completely recovered, leaving no scar at all.

“How…how could this happen? What kind of monster are you?!” Park Guochang was startled.

Not only is it okay to be stabbed in the chest, but the wound can be healed in an instant. Is this still a human being?

“Monster? Hahaha…your nightmare has just begun.” William laughed evilly.

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly stepped forward and grabbed Park Guochang’s face with one claw.

Park Guochang’s pupils shrank and he subconsciously raised his gun to stab.

However, at this moment, William’s b*dy suddenly exploded and turned into thousands of black bats, overwhelmingly attacking Park Guochang.

Park Guochang was immediately in a panic, screaming and waving his spear wildly, obviously frightened.

He never expected that his opponent would have such weird methods.

The black bats in the sky kept attacking Park Guochang, leaving a series of fine scars on his b*dy.

Although Park Guochang wore golden armor to protect his vital parts, his hands, feet and face were exposed.

In addition, there were too many bats and their speed was extremely fast. Just one attack left Park Guochang’s face covered with scars and he was in a miserable state.


After the attack, the bat swarm quickly gathered again, transformed into William’s appearance, and landed just behind Park Guochang.

“Let me taste the blood of you Koreans. What does it taste like?”

William made a lightning move, held down Park Guochang’s head, then opened his bloody mouth and bit his neck fiercely.

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