An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2136

Park Guochang was startled, and quickly raised his arms and pushed William’s chin, trying to stop the other party’s invasion.

However, there was a huge disparity in strength between the two sides. Even if Park Guochang tried his best, he could not withstand William’s pressing offensive.

He could only watch William’s fangs getting closer to his carotid artery.

“You losers! What are you still doing? Come and help!”

Park Guochang panicked and roared again and again.

“Quick! Help the general kill the enemy!”

Hundreds of Koryo’s silver-armored guards woke up from a dream, raised their weapons and launched an attack.

Half of them shot with bows, and half thrust with spears.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

Along with a burst of sound, a large number of sharp arrows broke free from the bowstring, carrying powerful explosive force, and shot at William one after another.

In an instant, William’s back was filled with arrows, looking like a hedgehog.

The blood dyed the clothes red, making them look a bit coquettish under the moonlight.

“We agreed to a duel, but you actually asked for help? Are you, the Goryeo Kingdom, so unruly?”

William looked back at the silver-armored guards, his eyes filled with fierceness.

“I promised to duel with you, but I didn’t say it would be one-on-one!”

Pu Guochang took advantage of the situation to break free from the restraints and said confidently: “They are all my subordinates. They live and die with me. They can definitely take action against you. I don’t think there is any problem!”

“So, you are trying to bully the minority?” William smiled sinisterly.

He had long heard that the people of Korea would do anything to win and completely abandon the spirit of chivalry.

When I saw it today, it certainly lived up to its reputation.

“So what? We in Korea have many soldiers and generals!” Park Guochang was not ashamed, but proud.

“Bailey, did you hear everything?”

William raised his head and looked in Bailey’s direction.

“Mr. Park Guochang, you have lost. As long as you apologize to Mr. William, this farce will end.” Bailey frowned and spoke.

If no one interferes, William’s bite can instantly make Park Guochang lose his fighting ability.


Park Guochang said with a look of dissatisfaction: “It is clear that our country, Koryo, has the upper hand, why do you say we lose?”

“A duel is not about bullying the minority.” Bailey said coldly.

“Hmph! We in Korea have the ability to have a large number of people. If you don’t agree, let this white-faced monkey call more people to fight us!” Park Guochang said with his head held high.

“Mr. Park Guochang, I am here for the good of your country, Korea. Don’t break the rules.” Bailey warned.

“Mr. Bailey, I think you’re just trying to be biased. You know this white-faced monkey can’t beat us, so you try to stop him in every possible way!” Park Guochang retorted.

“Park Guochang, do you really want to fight?!” Bailey’s face darkened.

“Hit!” Pu Guochang said sternly: “I will make this white-faced monkey pay the price today!”

“Okay! I’ll make it happen for you!”

Bailey said angrily: “Today’s battle has no rules and no restrictions. Life or death depends entirely on your own abilities. I will never interfere!”

As soon as these words came out, most people present realized the seriousness of the problem.

In the previous duel between William and Park Guochang, Bailey was the referee. Although it would not affect the outcome, it could at least ensure that no one on either side would lose their lives.

It’s just a matter of clicking and deciding the winner.

However, at this point, it is already a life and death fight!

There are no rules, no restrictions, life or death depends on your strength.

In this case, Blood Demon William’s combat effectiveness will be greatly improved.

As a monster that has an immortal b*dy and feeds on blood, the thing it is least afraid of is the human sea tactic.

Because no matter how many people there are, in William’s eyes, they are just food.

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