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Chapter 1347

The man turned around and swung a fist aimed at Callum’s face.

Callum dodged and countered with a punch of his own. The man jerked his head to the side and barely managed to avoid the hit.

It was very cramped inside the car, which greatly limited the man’s range of movement. Despite his best attempt to fight Callum off, it was going to be a downhill battle no matter what since he was sitting while Callum was standing.

Callum was driven by rage and completely relentless.

Several minutes later, Callum gave the degenerate a terrific beatdown. After ensuring that there would not be any further resistance, he dragged the man out of the car. He threw him to the ground so he could take a closer look at the man with the help of the streetlights.

The degenerate’s face had been completely pummeled to a point that he was unrecognizable. His face was swollen and his nose was broken. The only clue Callum was able to decipher was that the man was in his forties to fifties.

“How dare you hurt Camryn. I’ll kill you!”

Callum jabbed a kick at the degenerate and roared sharply, “Camryn is my sister–in–law’s friend, messing with her means you’re messing with my family!”

The man did not utter a word.

He had barely said a word since the beginning of their confrontation.

Callum went and plucked the keys out of the ignition, then he slammed the door shut to prevent the man from escaping.

After that, he took out his phone to take a picture of his face. That way, even if the scum

somehow managed to get away, he would still have photographic evidence that he could hand to Josh to figure out who this person was.

After taking a clear picture, he kicked the scum again before running off in the direction Camryn was last seen.

Camryn ran desperately, as fast as her legs could take her. She had no idea which way she was running at all but she continued to run. Her only concern was to get as far away as possible.

When she eventually heard the sound of someone else pursuing her, her initial thought was that the dangerous man had caught up to her. She picked up her speed again and ended up tripping over a tree trunk and tumbled to the ground.

She scrambled on the ground and opened her eyes as wide as she could to make out her surroundings.

It was no help–her vision was blurred and everything around her swayed around like a mirage. She saw double everywhere she turned. The more she tried to force herself to see, the more her head ached.


She heard a familiar cry.

She had just risen to her feet when she heard the cry. She immediately recognized the voice. It was the unmistakable voice of Callum York.

Why was he here?


Callum finally caught up to her and was immediately relieved to see that although she was in an awful state with no shoes on, she was not hurt in any way.

“Mr. Callum?”

“It’s me.”

“Why are you here?”

Callum reached out and gently tapped her. He spoke gently, “I told you that I was going to send you home but you refused. My sister–in–law had specifically instructed me to send you home tonight so I got worried and decided to follow the bodyguard’s car. I figured I should at least ensure that you reached home safely.”

“I have a pocket knife on me,” Camryn muttered.

“What difference does it make if you have a hidden knife? If you can’t even see, that guy is just going to grab the knife and throw it away as soon as he sees it. Even if he doesn’t manage to do that, how are you going to get him when you can’t see? Are you going to swing it wildly and pray for a miracle?”

Camryn fell silent.

“Let’s go, we’ll talk about it later.”

Callum did not have the heart to lecture her when he saw her pained expression.

She could not see.

He took two steps forward, bent over, and carried Camryn in his arms in one swift motion.

“Mr. Callum, I can walk by myself.”

Camryn was not used to being carried by a man and immediately tried to wring herself free.

“You don’t have your shoes on, so forget about walking. By the time you walk to my car, it’ll be morning. I don’t have the patience to watch the sunrise with you.”

Callum ignored her objections and insisted on carrying her.


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