Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1348 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1348

Camryn stopped resisting at last. She was hesitant in touching Callum and could not find a comfortable place to rest her hand.

Callum pressed forward with Camryn in his arms and remarked candidly, “You look so tiny so I thought it’d be pretty easy to carry you, but you sure are heavier than you look. If you had run off farther than you had, I’ll be looking at a gruesome workout having to carry you back to the car.”

Camryn was slightly offended, “I never asked you to carry me…”

She had mentioned that she could walk by herself.

It was Callum who insisted on carrying her because he decided that she was going to be too slow without her shoes.

“Do you want me to put you down so you can walk?”


She preferred being led by the hand rather than being carried.

With that, he put her down gently on the ground.

He was being honest when he said that Camryn was too heavy for him. He could only carry her for several more minutes at most.

It was not surprising considering this was a full–grown adult here!

The average adult weighed at least eighty to ninety pounds. While Camryn was not fat, she was not exactly skinny either. She once had her height and weight measured and was told she was five feet four and weighed ninety–two pounds.

After Callum put her down, he had to massage his tired hands.

It was a good thing Camryn could not see, else she would have been upset to see Callum doing that.

She felt Callum take her hand and felt the warmth of his palm.

“Let’s go. My car is about a thousand feet away.”

Camryn managed to cover some ground while trying to escape.

“Thank you, Callum.”

“You don’t have to thank me, it was my sister–in–law who looked out for you. She was the one who told me to send you home so I thought I should at least make sure you got home safely even if you wouldn’t let me take you.”

Camryn could not express how grateful she was toward Serenity.

She always thought that she could protect herself well enough but what happened tonight was a brutal wake–up call. No matter how bright and independent she was, her blindness was always going to be a fatal flaw.

She had to accept that she was not a valkyrie seen in ancient times.

Even though she had a pocket knife on her, it was more likely that she hurt herself with it in a fight than using it for self–defense.

She considered it a final resort when the situation was dire.

“Right now, the most important thing is to heal your eyes,” Callum said as he led her on the winding path.

Now that he was leading the way, Camryn no longer had to worry about stumbling over roots. Still, Callum had to adjust his pace so she could keep up.

He thought he should have insisted on carrying her, but that would tire him out…

He should have driven the car to her in the very first place, that would save him having to walk so much.

If Serenity was here and read his mind, she would certainly have a lot to say. She would probably make fun of him and mock him, saying something along the lines of this was why he was single. my course, I want that too. There’s nothing else I want more than to recover my eyesight. As it is, best bet is probably to locate this genius doctor who is said to work miracles. My aunt went to Annenburg to find the doctor some time ago. She called to tell me that the doctor had left Annenburg and that nobody knew where he was going next.”

Such miracle healers had a way of vanishing without a trace.

Callum knew the doctor was not in Annenburg as well.

He knew he could not ask Josh to help with locating the doctor. He remembered Josh mentioning that his family was wary of contacting the group of genius doctors from decades ago and would rather not do so.

The only solution was to wait.

His brother had mentioned to him that there was a certain Dr. Leigh who had some history with the Johnson siblings. Furthermore, the doctor was friends with Mrs. Young–Johnson. It was said that the child Mrs. Young–Johnson picked up had caught the interest of Dr. Leigh and that she planned to cultivate the child to be his successor.

Callum figured that he should keep an eye on the Johnsons. It was a matter of time before he picked up on some news concerning either Dr. Leigh or the other doctor who was said to be a miracle healer.

Additionally, he had also been scouring the country for renowned ophthalmologists.


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