Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1349 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1349

“Don’t worry, it’s only a matter of time before we find Dr. Leigh and have your eyes treated.”

Callum assured Camryn.

“I don’t think you should hold out for the genius doctor though. He’s already pretty old by now and I doubt he’s still practicing anymore even if you find him. Besides, word is that Dr. Leigh has taken over. She’s learned from the legendary genius doctor himself and her skills are unmatched in the medical world.”

The way Callum saw it, being able to enlist Dr. Leigh’s help was a miracle in itself already. He did not see the need to hold out for the genius doctor.

His brother had mentioned that Dr. Leigh was a brilliant practitioner who was very good at her craft and known for making some otherworldly concoctions. She never used her concoctions for nefarious purposes, she mostly used them to instill fear and respect.

She was also said to be a brilliant fighter. She had quite a history with Mr. and Mrs. Lafayette and had saved the life of Mr. Lafayette at one point.

As far as Callum was concerned, Dr. Leigh was a direct successor of the legendary genius doctor.

“Do you know anything about the genius doctor?”

Callum answered frankly, “No, I don’t. Most of what I know are stories I heard from my brother. Remy has business dealings with York Corporation so Zachary picked up bits and pieces of information here and there.”

When Ben Young–Johnson got married, Zachary went to Annenburg to attend the wedding.


Camryn stopped probing Callum with questions.

After walking for a while longer, they finally reached Callum’s car. Callum opened the door and helped Camryn get in the car. He then went to find the man who he had given a thorough beating, only to find that the man had disappeared.

Callum returned to the car and asked, “Do you know the man who tried to hurt you back there?”

“I don’t know him, he’s a complete stranger. He reeked of cigarettes; probably never stopped smoking a day of his life.”

The only thing she could remember about the man was the repulsive smell of cigarettes.

“I couldn’t have a good look at his face when I was confronting him either. By the time I tried to get a closer look, his face was already swollen to the point of being unrecognizable. Never mind that, I made sure to take a picture of him. I’ll send it to Josh first thing tomorrow and ask him to investigate further for me.

“He must be a person of status if your mother would willingly hand you over to him. He looks like he’s somewhere in his forties to fifties, so it should be easy to figure out who he is.”

Camryn stated after a brief silence, “My mother wants to get Carrie out and wants Serenity to drop her charges. She’s a vicious woman and would do anything to achieve her goals. You have to warn Serenity about this after you get back.

“Make sure you tell her to be careful. My mother is extremely volatile and it won’t surprise me if she resorts to drastic measures if she has to. She rather drags everyone down with her than sees her enemies prosper.”

Callum shot a look at her. He then set his eyes back on the road with his hands around his steering wheel while asking, “Are you sure you’re her daughter? Could you be adopted by any chance? I have never seen a mother being so cruel to her daughter.”

Camryn remained silent.

After a long silence, she murmured weakly, “I wish I wasn’t her daughter.”

Callum suggested sympathetically, “Why don’t you move out? If you don’t have a place to live, I have plenty of properties under my name and I don’t mind letting you rent one of them. I could charge you cheaper than the market rate since my sister–in–law is especially fond of you.”

He mentioned that he would charge her rent so she would not have cause to suspect him.

He was worried she would think he had an ulterior motive in helping her.

Fortunately, he could use Serenity as their mutual connection to bridge a common understandin Camryn fell silent again.

Callum understood that she was someone with a lot of history and was kind enough to not for her to unveil her story.

By the time they returned to the Newmans‘ villa, they saw Mr. and Mrs. Newman pacing outsi the house anxiously. It seemed like they were waiting for someone.

“Mr. York?”

Mr. Newman was visibly surprised to see Callum of all people showing up. His voice was fil with shock, “Mr. York, why are you the one sending Camryn back? Haven’t we assigned a bodyguard at the venue to take her home?

“What happened? Where’s our bodyguard?”


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