Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1355 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1355

Hank said on the other end of the line, “Sonny is three years old and is my son, so what’s wrong with him being my flower boy? Where are you and Sonny? I’m at the door of your rented unit and have been hitting the door but nobody is answering. You’re not inside, right?”

Jessica was standing next to him as she listened to his conversation with Liberty.

She rested for a few days after her fight with her sister–in–law the other day, so the bruises on her face were gone.

Hank bought two more sets of skin care products for Jessica and reluctantly gave her a jewelry set to coax her.

Moreover, Hank told his parents and sister that he and Jessica had gotten their marriage license and that Jessica was set on living the rest of her life with him. Since their wedding was approaching, he asked his parents and sister not to pick on Jessica anymore.

He also blamed them for his divorce from Liberty back then. He asked his parents, “Do you want me to divorce again? Think about the cost of my divorce from Liberty. Do you want me to do it again?

“If I divorce again, I’ll be a laughing stock. People will say that I deserve it and that it is karma. They’ll say that I’m a twice–divorced man. Also, if you keep fighting with Jessica and causing trouble, who would still want to let their daughter marry me? You’re my family, and yet you always think of dragging me down instead of thinking for me. Are you only going to be satisfied if I live alone for the rest of my life?”

Hank’s parents stopped after hearing what he said. They also began cooking Jessica’s share of meals.

As for Hank’s sister who kept stirring up trouble, she was kicked out by their father. She was ordered not to come to the city before the wedding and could only come on that day to attend the wedding.

“Tell Liberty that we’re going to pick up Sonny,” Jessica said softly.

When she went for her morning run earlier, she received another note from that unknown woman. The woman asked her to find a way to take Sonny away from Liberty as soon as possible without choosing a location. As long as Sonny was taken away from Liberty, someone would “snatch” him from Hank and Jessica.

Jessica also wanted to get it done and over with. She did not want to worry about the matter during her wedding.

She began harboring ill intentions because of how her in–laws treated her as compared to how they treated Liberty and her son.

If Sonny was no longer in the equation, how would the Browns still pine for Liberty and Hank to remarry?

Jessica managed to snatch Hank. Even though he was no longer a manager, he gave her most of the money he earned from being an Uber driver. Hank was her man and her husband now. She would defend her marriage to her death.

She would never let herself go down the same road as Liberty.

Liberty had a sister who married into a rich family and could help her, but not Jessica.

Jessica did not want to be laughed at by other people. She did not want them to think that she did not gain anything after getting rid of Hank’s first wife and that her in–laws were united against her.

She felt that her in–laws were only having wild thoughts because of Sonny. They must have thought that Hank and Liberty could remarry if Hank and Jessica separated.

The Browns were simply whimsical. What did they take Liberty for? And what did they take Hank for?

Did they think Hank was the US currency everyone loved?

Did they think Liberty was easy to handle and be at their beck and call? Liberty did love Hank back then, but she no longer loved him now. She was very clear–headed, so why would she return to the Browns and get stuck in the black hole again?

Hank gestured for Jessica to keep quiet. He continued to ask Liberty, “Liberty, are you listening to me? I asked where you and Sonny are now.”

“I’m at Seren’s place. Where are you taking Sonny to try on his suit? Why does a little kid need to try on a suit? As his father, you can just buy a small kid’s suit for him.”


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