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Chapter 1359

“Your parents treat me as a dupe. Do they think I’m rich? I’m just an Uber driver now!” Hank said to Jessica.

He had been in a bad mood since Liberty hung up on him.

As such, he took it out on the Yateses.

Jessica agreed that her parents were covertly asking for money. Her mom used to do the same. when she went home to visit in the past. In any case, Jessica had always given half of her salary to her family. No matter what her mom said after that, she did not give more. Over time, her mom stopped trying.

Even so, Jessica could not stand Hank complaining about her family. As bad as they were, they were her parents, her brothers, and her sisters–in–law.

“Don’t complain about my parents. They’re my parents, and it was hard for them to raise me. Now that you’ve married me, you’re their son–in–law. A son–in–law is like half a son. What’s wrong with giving them some money for them to see the doctor?

“Have your parents not asked you for money before? Also, your outrageous sister is extremely shameless. I’ve never seen such a shameless person. She has been married for over ten years and still intervenes in her maiden family’s affairs.

“Your parents and your sister are the same. Hank, I’m telling you, I’m only putting up with your family because I love you. Do you think some other woman can tolerate it?”

Hank had started the car, but he turned off the engine after hearing Jessica accuse his family. He refuted, “What’s wrong with my parents asking me for some living expenses? You were raised by your parents, but I wasn’t?

“Was it easy for my parents to raise me? You say that a son–in–law is like half a son, so I should. honor your parents. Since you married into my family and became a daughter–in–law of the Browns, shouldn’t you honor my parents too? My sister has always been like that. What can I do about it? I can’t cut ties with her–she’s my only sister!”

Jessica replied, “Do you think your sister is family for life whereas your wife can be replaced at any time? Is that why you keep helping your sister and siding with your family? The money your parents received from you has always been used to subsidize the spending of your sister’s family.

“Your sister’s children were all raised by your parents. Their pensions and the living expenses you gave are all used to support her family’s spending What did your sister give back to your parents? What has she given back to you?

“You always say that my parents only think about helping my brothers, why don’t you

criticize your parents for helping your sister? My brothers aren’t rich, but is your sister not? Her savings are definitely more than yours! When your brother–in–law wanted to open a hardware store, they even wanted to borrow money from us. Only someone as thick–faced as Chelsea could do something like that.

“If she’s so capable, she should ask Liberty for money and ask for her breakfast store. Liberty’s

diner is doing so well and rakes in money every day. If she’s so competent, she should go to Liberty instead!”

Jessica became angrier as she spoke.

She must be crazy to think that marrying Hank could change her fate.

Jessica did not come to a realization after seeing Liberty’s fate and thought she could control the Browns. She thought Hank would always listen to her and be on her side for the rest of her life.

Once she changed from being his lover to his wife, she realized that she was too naive.

“Can you stop bringing Liberty up? My sister is thick–skinned? Is your family not? How dare they ask for a bride price of 777,777 dollars? Did they think I own a bank that prints money? Are they marrying their daughter or selling her off? If I had met their requirements, they would’ve used the money for your brothers anyway.

“Your mom sold her daughter and used the money she got to help someone else’s daughter. She doesn’t care about what happens to her daughter after the marriage,” Hank retorted with a darkened expression.

Neither Hank nor Jessica wanted to take a step back. They sided with their respective family and had a big fight in the car.

When Hank could not win the fight anymore, he got out of the car abruptly and went around to the passenger seat to pull Jessica out of the car. He said furiously, “You can walk back to your biased family.

“I, Hank Brown, won’t be your family’s ATM. My money doesn’t fall from the sky!”

Following that, Hank returned to his seat and quickly drove away.

Jessica shouted and cursed at the distant car. In the end, she even yelled, “Hank Brown, let’s get a divorce!”

The wedding had not even taken place, but she felt she could no longer go on with Hank.

Hank drove away and did not hear Jessica asking for a divorce.

Tears of aggravation streamed down.


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