Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 519 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 519

Liberty heard what Hank said. Although she was disappointed that they could not finalize the divorce right away, she still agreed to his arrangements since it was only another day’s wait.

She handed the two signed divorce agreements to Hank and said, “Take a look. If there’s no problem, just sign your name.”

Hank took over the divorce agreement.

In addition to the conditions she stated earlier, Liberty also promised that she would destroy all the evidence she had on the day of their divorce and promised that she would not take revenge on him.


Hank was fine with it. He was just sad that he had to give Liberty more than a million dollars and his son’s custody.

However, after some thought, Hank knew that he would earn the money back, so he just had to put up with it.

“I’ll sign it.”

Hank said in a deep voice, “See you tomorrow.”

Liberty nodded.

Hank looked at her deeply for a moment before he hugged Jessica and prepared to leave.

After taking two steps, Hank stopped and turned his head to ask, “Liberty, can you tell me who gave you all that evidence?”

That person investigated everything that Hank did thoroughly and even had evidence of it. Hank was frightened whenever he thought that Liberty had someone like that to help her.

Hank was threatened. Thus, he agreed to Liberty’s divorce terms for the sake of his future and because he thought that Liberty Inight have a backer.

“Is that important? I promise that once we finalize the divorce, I’ll give the evidence to you and won’t keep any copies.”

Hank was helpless when Liberty refused to tell him. He just hugged Jessica and


He did not walk far when he received a call from his boss, who said something on the phone that made him let go of Jessica. He said something to Jessica and the

two ran to their car.

They got in the car quickly and drove away.

Liberty stood there and looked in the direction of Hank’s car. After a long time, she turned her gaze away and took out her phone to call her sister.


Liberty was in a good mood and said, “I’ve discussed it with Hank. He promised to divide the property according to my request. If everything goes according to

plan, I’ll also have custody of Sonny!

“Hank promised to go through the divorce formalities tomorrow afternoon.”

“Liberty, is that true? That’s great! I didn’t expect you to negotiate with him so quickly. Did you show him the evidence?”

Serenity said, “Mhmm… He won’t compromise if I don’t show him the evidence. He would even ask me to leave without a penny because I wanted to rush the


Hank was ruthless when he wanted to be.

“Seren, are you still at the Wiltspoon Hotel? I saw your car when I went there to

wait for Hank earlier.”

Serenity had invited Mrs. Stone and Elisa to a meal. They were done eating but remained at the hotel because they stayed back and chatted about her mother. This was so that Mrs. Stone could understand her late sister’s life as a wife and


When she heard this, Serenity said, “Liberty, why didn’t you tell me when you saw my car? I would’ve gone downstairs to pick you up, and we could’ve had lunch together.”

Liberty smiled and said, “I came to look for Hank after I had lunch. We’ll have

more opportunities to dine there in the future. It’s more important to get rid of this scumbag Hank first.”

“Did you and Mrs. Stone do a DNA test?”

“Yup. We’ll know the results in a few days.”

Liberty was silent for a while before she said, “So what if we know the results? Our mother passed away fifteen years ago…”

She did not continue because she felt uncomfortable and wanted to cry.

Liberty did not shed a single tear when she had to divorce Hank, but she could not help but cry when she thought about her mother.

Serenity was also silent.

“Mrs. Stone is having a hard time accepting it. She has been looking for her sister for decades, and when she finally found a clue, her sister is no longer in this


“Elisa said that her mother cried the entire day after she left your house yesterday. She didn’t eat or drink. Elisa and her brothers were worried sick.”


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