Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 520 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 520

Liberty‘s tears suddenly streamed down her face.

Her mother was unaware that her sister never gave up looking for her when she was alive.

She did not get to reunite with her sister before she died.

“Seren, spend some time with Mrs. Stone. I‘m going back to see Sonny.”

Liberty said as she suppressed the pain and quickly hung up the phone.

She then squatted on the ground and covered her face to cry.

Many passersby looked at her, but no one stopped for her.

The owner of the café saw Liberty and knew that Liberty had borrowed her laptop to print out a divorce agreement. She thought Liberty was upset because of the divorce, so she came out with a box of tissues.


The café owner patted Liberty on the shoulder. When Liberty looked up at her, she handed the tissues to Liberty and comforted her. “He doesn‘t care about you anymore, so you should let him go. That way, you‘ll feel better, and you can start a new life.

“If you‘re sad, cry it all out. You‘ll feel better afterward.”

“Thank you.”

Liberty stood up, took the tissue, and wiped away her tears. She choked up and said, “I don‘t regret leaving a stingy man who abused me and cheated on me. I‘m not crying for him. I just thought of my parents, who died in a car accident fifteen years ago…”

The café owner patted Liberty‘s shoulder sympathetically again.

What a pitiful woman.

Some people who were in their fifties and sixties still had parents living, while some lost their parents when they were young.

No one could understand the kind of pain and regret these kids felt when they thought about how they could never repay their late parents.

“I’m fine. I’ll get going. My son is still waiting for me at home.”

“Stay strong, girl! There’s a rainbow after the rain. You can do this!”

The stranger’s comfort warmed Liberty’s heart.

There were still many good people in this world.

After thanking the café owner, Liberty walked to her e–bike and was about to



A hoarse and somewhat familiar voice called out to her.

Liberty looked around and saw a car parked on the opposite side of the street. The person inside the car wound down the window. Only then did Liberty notice that it was Duncan.

She thought, ‘Huh? Why did I bump into him?‘

Liberty felt that she was a little unlucky today.

Wait, she did not hit his car this time, so why did she think that she was unlucky?

Liberty, who came to her senses, suppressed the urge to ride away and she waved to Duncan in response to his greeting.

Somehow, Duncan got out of the car and strode across the street.

Liberty was speechless and thought, ‘I didn’t hit his car, right?

‘I parked on this side, and his car is across the street. Did time and space collide?‘

Duncan quickly walked in front of Liberty and put one hand on Liberty’s bike. She glanced at his big hand and thought, ‘Is he trying to prevent me from running away?‘

“Didn’t you take the day off to take care of your son?” Duncan asked.


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