Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 522 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 522

He could still act.

“Josh and Callum, you two accompany the clients back to the company. I’ll go over and talk to Serenity.” Zachary instructed the two in a low voice then walked toward Serenity in large strides.

The bodyguards naturally did not dare follow him.

“Did Mr. York see someone he knows?”

The few clients watched in amazement as they saw Zachary walk toward an unfamiliar woman.

After all, unless it was family, he usually kept women at least three meters away from him.

“Yeah, they’re acquaintances.”

Josh smiled and ushered the clients toward their cars.

Seeing that Josh did not plan to elaborate, they knew their place and stopped asking


Zachary walked up to Serenity and stretched out his arms to straighten her jacket. “What are you doing here? Did you come here just to wait for me because you knew I was meeting clients for business here?”

The rain stopped at noon but it was still cold.

Serenity saw the throng of men in suits getting in their luxury cars and driving away. She asked with a smile, “Are those your colleagues?

“I invited Mrs. Stone and Elisa to have a meal here. I didn’t expect to bump into you.”

Zachary looked at the luxury cars that were driving away and said, “Yeah, they’re my colleagues. Several clients we met today were notable bosses from other companies, and our company attached great importance to them, so many of my colleagues came to meet them today. “Where’s Mrs. Stone?”

“Mr. Stone called her, and she left with Elisa. Zachary, I did a DNA test with Mrs. Stone. The results will be out in a few days.”

Zachary’s dark eyes flickered slightly, but the expression on his face remained unchanged. He said warmly, “Let’s wait for the results. For now, we’ll pretend that nothing happened.” Serenity sighed. “I can’t pretend that nothing has happened. I was worried that Elisa would suspect that I’m trying to climb the social ladder, but it’s very complicated now… I just wish my mom was still alive.”

Zachary reached out and embraced her by the shoulders, holding her while walking toward her car.

“Although your mom is no longer here, if Mrs. Stone is your aunt, it’ll be great if you can reconnect with her. It’ll be a comfort to Mrs. Stone as well.”

The greatest fear when finding the whereabouts of a loved one was when you ended up being the only person left in the family who was still alive. That was the most painful kind of conclusion there was.

Although his mother-in-law was gone, she left behind the two sisters. If Audrey could still reconnect with her nieces, her heart that was searching for her sister could more or less be soothed

“Yeah. I feel better now. “Are you going to sit in my car? “What? Does my wife not want to drive her husband to work?” Zachary said in a rare flirtatious tone after stuffing her into the car. He leaned into the car and sniffed the side of her cheek.

Serenity laughed. “Sure. Get in and I’ll take you to work.”

He said, “I’ll drive.”

He went around the car and got into the driver’s seat. He then asked while fastening the seat belt, “Who’s watching the store?” “I closed the store for the day. The students were having their finals in the past two days, and their winter holidays will most likely start next week. Once they’re on holidays, stores like mine with students as their main market will have to rest. We’ll close up early for the New Year’s.”

Zachary said, “Your online store won’t close that early for the New Year’s, right?”

“No, but even if I stop shipping temporarily, I’ll still be very busy. There are too many orders, and I don’t have enough in stock. I’ll take advantage of the New Year’s holiday to knit more. I’ll be able to ship everything out after the new year.” Zachary admonished, “Don’t overwork yourself, especially these days. Don’t sit for long periods of time or you’ll hurt your back easily.”

Serenity thought of how her waist felt uncomfortable from sitting for too long when Aunt Flo came to visit. Her heart warmed as she heard this, and she gave him a hum.

Jim, who was hiding back in the hotel, only dared come out when he saw Zachary leaving with Serenity.


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