Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 531 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 531

“The fight was just kids being kids. Plus, it was an accident. We will take good care of Sonny and keep him from harm’s way when we get custody.”

Mrs. Brown heartachingly said, “Hank, don’t go with the divorce. I can’t take it.”

It never crossed her mind that fights between children could influence decisions on a child’s custody.

Despite Mrs. Brown’s old age, she had never seen anyone take their divorce to court. In the separations that she came across, the women would pack their things and walk out, leaving the house, car, and children to the men.

“Sure, it was just a fight between children, but people would see Sonny living with us as whether it’s conducive to his growth and well-being.” Hank patiently persuaded his parents. “Mom, I don’t love Liberty anymore. It’s not like Liberty would take me back either. You can’t make things work just by force. It would be hard for her and me at this rate. Besides, Liberty‘s willing to settle. The divorce is going to happen. “I’ve made up my mind, and I only came back to let you know.” Jessica was right. It was best if Hank made the decision for the matter between him and Liberty. It was good enough that he let his parents in the loops. With the sobs underway, Mrs. Brown smacked her husband. “Say something, old man! No, I must give Chelsea a call, and get her to talk some sense into you.” She was about to give her daughter a call when her husband stopped her. “Telling Chelsea will only make the matter worse.”

Mr. Brown peevishly remarked before asking his son, “Is divorce the only way? Are those pictures that big of a threat to you?”

He understood his son best. His son would not compromise and go with Liberty’s way unless he was under threat. “Dad, my career is done for if Liberty hands over the stuff to my boss. It doesn’t sound like a bad deal if I can end a loveless marriage and safeguard my future.” Mr. Brown fell silent.

Mrs. Brown lashed out. “Liberty went too far. What will she gain by destroying your future?

“She’s trying to get back at me since I didn‘t go easy on her. I lose out far worse than her because she has nothing to lose.”

Mrs. Brown cursed her heart out.

She went from criticizing Liberty for going overboard, childing her son for his failure to keep it in his pants, to blasting Jessica about being the other woman and coming in between her son’s marriage. Now her son and daughter–in–law were splitting and dividing the estate.

“Mom, it‘s not Jessica’s fault. I fell for her first.” Hank could not stand her mother speaking ill of Jessica. His feelings for Jessica grew before hers did for him.

“Mom, Dad, think about it. I wouldn‘t be enjoying this sort of income if I were to work in another company. Although I‘ll feel the pinch for giving Liberty a million bucks, I can regain the amount and more with my job still intact.

“Liberty will petition the court for divorce if I don’t agree to her demands. She’ll get whatever she demands anyway, but I‘ll lose my job and my reputation in the industry. It‘ll be hard for me to look for another job. I agreed to Liberty’s terms after careful consideration.

“Don’t worry about Sonny. Sonny will still be your grandson after the divorce. Just let Liberty know when you want to see him. She’s fine with visitations.” Mr. and Mrs. Brown held their tongues. Her son’s career was more important than anything else. They knew it had not been easy for their son as he had worked his way up from a measly office staff to his current role as a manager. The side income he earned in a month was the annual income of many. It took a while before Mr. Brown solemnly said, “There‘s nothing more we can say since you’ve already made up your mind.”


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