Married at First Sight Chapter 2276 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2276 by desirenovelSerenity followed her to the door of the office and watched her leave in a hurry.

After Elisa’s car drove out of the company, Serenity walked back, then called her husband and told him that she told the truth about why Julian pursued Elisa.

Zachary was a bit shadowy towards Elisa, a cousin, and when he heard his wife tell the truth, he quickly asked: “Elisa, I mean, is my cousin very angry and trying to pick my skin off?”

After hearing his question, Serenity said intentionally: “She’s very angry, and said that she’s going to skin you, and asked me to drive you to the study to sleep.”

“That won’t work. No one can separate us. If she gets angry, she will get angry. I just talked to Andrew a few times. Who knows that Andrew can really ask Julian to help. Andrew will be annoyed because of Elisa. It’s about the relationship with Remy.

My cousin was involved innocently. As a cousin, I gave him a trick. What’s wrong? Elisa is your cousin, and Andrew is my cousin. Both of us are for our old cousin. That’s all.”

After speaking a lot of words confidently, Zachary changed his tone and asked carefully: “Honey, is Elisa really angry?”

“Just kidding, Elisa didn’t get angry when she found out the truth. She has always been a reasonable person. Let’s not judge her with a villainous heart. It’s just that Julian pretended to pursue her, but somehow leaked it out and Patriarch Bucham already knows.

Patriarch Bucham and Mrs. Bucham went to my aunt’s house with generous gifts, and said they would discuss with my aunt about the marriage between Elisa and Julian.”

Zachary: “…”

Serenity: “Elisa has already rushed back, and also notified Julian to hurry over.”

Zachary said: “Don’t worry, the one who married is Julian. He doesn’t want to marry. His parents can’t force him, and he will explain it clearly to his parents.”

Serenity knew that she couldn’t force it, but she was worried that Remy might misunderstand or be jealous.

Serenity: “Don’t worry about Remy, he won’t misunderstanding, but jealousy is inevitable, I guess Remy will jump up when he hears the news.”

Zachary looked at the time and asked his beloved wife on the phone: “Seren, we haven’t eaten at Auntie’s place for a while. At noon, let’s go have a meal with Auntie. I’ll go pick you up now. “

Serenity readily agreed.

At the same time Stones.

Mrs. Stone personally made a pot of tea for Mr. and Mrs. Bucham. She poured a cup of tea for each of them.

“Thank you, Mrs. Stone.” Patriarch Bucham thanked him with a smile, took the cup of tea, and took a sip gracefully.

Hearing that Mr. and Mrs. Bucham were in-laws, the faces of Mrs. and Mr. Stone turned green again and again, but there was nothing they could do.

They had corrected it several times, the mouth grew on Patriarch Bucham, Patriarch Bucham still called his in-laws, and they had nothing to do.

Clive and his younger brother came in one after the other.

Clive received a message from his wife, and he was so frightened that he immediately asked the vice president to take over his work and continued to discuss business matters with the client. He notified his younger brother, and then the two brothers hurried home.

Mrs. Stone said solemnly: “Patriarch Bucham, Julian really doesn’t like our Elisa. We have also heard about Julian’s situation. This is not the first time he and Elisa have met. If Elisa is his destiny girl, the two of them have already married and had children, and they will not wait until now.”


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