Married at First Sight Chapter 2277 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2277 by desirenovelMr. Stone also echoed: “Patriarch Bucham, this is really a misunderstanding. Young Master Bucham is not really pursuing our Elisa, there must be something hidden in it. Our Elisa also has a boyfriend. Their relationship is very good.”

Patriarch Bucham smiled and said: “Dear family, I have asked clearly. Recently, that kid Julian secretly gave Elisa gifts and flowers without telling us. He also came to your house several times. Elisa came back from a business trip, and he was the one to pick her up from the airport.

That kid kept it too tight, we didn’t know it, if we knew it, we would have come here long ago. Our family is old acquaintances, we have known each other for decades, we know everything. Don’t worry, after Elisa passes the door, we’ll treat her like our biological daughter.”

Mrs. Bucham also said: “Yes, it’s good to know the basics. We don’t have a daughter. If we have a daughter-in-law, we will treat the daughter-in-law as a daughter. Don’t worry about Julian bullying Elisa. We are definitely on Elisa’s side.”

As long as their son could become a normal man, they could die in peace.

“But…my daughter already has a boyfriend, and they have a very good relationship.” Mrs. Stone didn’t know how to explain it.

Julian didn’t really like Elisa, but he was indeed “pursuing” her. When Elisa came back from a business trip, he would pick her up at the airport.

He would also send many gifts to Elisa.

“Didn’t you look down on Remy? I heard that you are reluctant to let your daughter marry away, so you don’t agree with Remy and Elisa being together. Your reluctance is right. You only have one daughter and the city is a little far away from our Wiltspoon, and your daughter is married far away, so it’s hard to see her once. It’s difficult for her to go back to her natal family, and it’s also difficult for her natal family to see her. In short, it’s difficult. Besides, we don’t know if the daughter who married far away is doing well in her husband’s house. So, you don’t approve of Remy and Elisa being together, and we all support it.”

Mrs. Stone remained silent.

Alice interjected at this moment, and she said a few words for Remy, “I don’t think Mr. Johnson will bully Elisa, and it’s too late for him to love Elisa. Annenburg is a bit far away, but fortunately, he hasn’t left the province yet.

The family style of Johnson’s family is as good as that of Wiltspoon York family. Mr. Johnson’s brother Mr. Ben Johnson is also famous for his wife. My mother always said that good family style makes good men. Elisa and Mr. Johnson will be very happy together.

Young Master Bucham treats our Elisa well but we still can’t see that he has real feelings for Elisa. Mr. and Mrs. Bucham, wait for Young Master Bucham to come over and ask him what kind of attitude he has towards Elisa.”

Patriarch Bucham and Mrs. Bucham were too straightforward.

They came Stone family directly to discuss the marriage.

Alice’s words made Patriarch Bucham unable to refute for a while.

The Johnson family had no dark history.

Soon, Mrs. Bucham smiled and said: “Although Johnson family is a good in-law’s family, the Johnson family is still a little far away. There is only one daughter in the in-law’s family, Elisa, who is willing to be far away? It is better to marry in our local city of Wiltspoon.

“It is so convenient for her to return to her mother’s house. Nowadays, traffic is so convenient. If Elisa gets married and travels to Annenburg, the flight should take two hours. She can drive by herself, but the trip will take several hours, and she will become exhausted.

How close is my Bucham’s house to your Company? Elisa drove back to her mother’s house, and it took only ten minutes by car.”

Alice smiled and said: “The villa next door to us belongs to Mr. Johnson. He has been in Wiltspoon for a long time. If Elisa married him, she would not have left Wiltspoon and lived closer. She yelled on the roof. We can all hear her saying that she is going back to her mother’s house for dinner.”

Mrs. Bucham was speechless.

She looked at Mrs. Stone.

She knew that in the business, the person who could really tell the truth was Mrs. Stone.

After a moment of silence, Mrs. Stone said, “Mrs. Bucham, I don’t have any objections to Young Master Bucham, but Young Master Bucham really has no feelings for our Elisa. Be sympathetic. The two of us don’t need to interfere, so let’s rely on the wishes of the children.”

She was reluctant to marry her daughter far away and wanted her daughter to marry in Wiltspoon. She also tried her best to introduce boyfriends to her daughter and match her daughter with Andrew or other outstanding young talents, but Julian was not among her son-in-law candidates.


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