Married at First Sight Chapter 2278 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2278 by desirenovelJulian was mainly not sick, he and Elisa should be able to get along with each other.

But he was sick, and his disease was not curable.

It depended on fate.

Elisa and Julian didn’t have that kind of fate.

No one would be happy if they were twisted together.

Mrs. Stone was reluctant to let her daughter marry far away, but she hoped her daughter to be happy.

How could she be willing to let her daughter be a widow for the rest of her life?

“Sir, madam, Young Master Bucham is here.” The maid came over and told Mrs. Stone and the couple.

Mrs. Stone had never been looking forward to Young Master Bucham’s appearance like this moment, she said in repeated voices: “Please, Young Master Bucham.”

Soon, Julian walked in with great strides.

As soon as he came in, Elisa also returned, and Remy was with her.

“Dad, Mom, what are you doing?”

Julian entered the room and saw the coffee table piled with presents, his face was green.

“Julian, you jerk, you obviously have someone you’re interested in, but you didn’t tell us, causing your mother and I to eat and sleep all day while pondering how to save you. Even though you like Elisa, you still have to hide it from us.”

Patriarch Bucham scolded his son as soon as he saw him.

Julian said with a dark face: “When did I say I like Elisa? I don’t like Elisa, I have never loved her!”

Patriarch Bucham and Mrs. Bucham look at each other’s faces. In the end, Mrs. Bucham asked puzzledly: “Julian, you really don’t love Elisa, why did you send her flowers and gifts? You still go to her when she comes back from a business trip? Picking up, that’s something you’ve never done before.

These things you do are all for pursuit. Which man doesn’t send flowers and gifts when he chases his wife?”

Julian: “That was a bet between me and Andrew. If I lose to him, I have to unconditionally help him solve a problem. His problem is to let Mrs. Stone die to win him and Elisa together.”

Everyone: “…”

Julian: “Elisa and I didn’t just meet today, and I didn’t just get sick today. If I liked her, I would have liked her a long time ago. Is it necessary to pursue her now? If I had liked her a long time ago, I wouldn’t have discovered that I was sick.”

Mrs. Bucham said: “You are not sick, you are in a special situation, don’t keep saying that you are sick.”

Mrs. Bucham was a mother, and she would not listen to her son saying that he was sick.

Her son was just a special case but he’s very healthy.

“Julian, are you telling the truth?” Patriarch Bucham stared at his son and asked.

“Dad, Mom, I found a girl who can make my heart beat faster and I can’t help but want to get close to her. She is really only 24 years old this year, so my destined girl will definitely not be Miss Stone.”

Julian originally didn’t want to let his parents know about Kiera’s existence too quickly, but now he had to speak out, lest his parents would not give up on Elisa.


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