Married at First Sight Chapter 2279 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2279 by desirenovelHearing this, everyone looked at Julian.

Even Elisa, who just came back, looked at Julian gossipingly.

Remy, who was full of anger, stopped being angry all of a sudden.

“Really? Where is that girl? Don’t you lie to me? If you dare to lie to me, don’t blame me for being rude to you. For your marriage, your mother and I have been talking day and night worry.”

Patriarch Bucham was stunned, and quickly asked his son if it was true or not.

Julian took out the bunch of keys, which he took with him.

After getting acquainted with Kiera, he didn’t return the bunch of keys.

This was their token of love, a unilateral token of peace.

Julian handed the photo on the keychain to his parents, and said to his parents, “Dad, Mom, look, this is the photo of that girl. It’s thanks to Miss Stone that I was able to find her.”

Elisa: “Me? I didn’t lead you a red line.”

Knowing that Julian found his destined girl, Elisa was very happy.

In this way, Julian would not pester her again.

Even though she knew that Julian didn’t love her, his pestering still troubled her a little.

Of course, there were advantages. The advantage was that her mother’s attitude towards Remy was much better, and the relationship between her and Remy was stronger.

But she didn’t introduce Julian to a girlfriend. Julian put this on her head, and she couldn’t afford to wear that high hat.

Julian said: “Ms. Stone, you didn’t give me a red line, but it was because of you that I was able to meet her. When you came back from a business trip that day, didn’t I go to the airport to pick you up in person?

I picked up this bunch of keys at the airport. When I saw this small photo hanging on the keys, my heart beat faster. I thought, that’s the feeling of heartbeat. When no one is around, I can’t control myself, desperately kissing the girl in the photo.”

Everyone: “…”

Julian was 34 years old this year. He was slightly younger than Duncan. The two of them were the most famous diamond kings in Wiltspoon.

There were not many people who have met him, but those who had seen him comment on him as mature and stable.

Sometimes such a mature and stable person couldn’t control himself, and would kiss a photo fiercely.

Thinking of Julian’s special situation, he wanted to be cured of this disease, oh, it couldn’t be cured, only one person was his antidote, except for that woman, he still didn’t respond to other women.

The one who could make him so impulsive was definitely his destined girl.

“This girl has a heroic look in her eyebrows and eyes, and she is bright and charming, with a bright smile. She looks like princess at first glance. She really matches our Julian.” Patriarch Bucham praised immediately.

Mrs. Bucham took the bunch of keys from her husband, stared at Kiera’s small photo, and boasted, “This smile is not only bright, but also warm and healing; it is young, beautiful, full of confidence and vitality; and the brows and eyes are heroic, so good! I enjoy having her as my daughter-in-law!”

Everyone slandered in their hearts: In your son’s situation, there is only one girl in the world who can make him respond. If you like it, you have to like it, and if you don’t like it, you have to like it.

No choice.

“Patriarch Bucham, can you let me see who that girl is?” Mrs. Stone couldn’t help asking.

She also wanted to know who Julian’s destined girl was.


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