Married at First Sight Chapter 2280 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2280 by desirenovelMrs. Bucham generously handed the bunch of keys to Mrs. Stone, grinned, and said, “I’m relieved now; Julian can be saved, and he doesn’t have to be a bachelor for the rest of his life. Mrs. Stone, help us see if this girl is great. I think it’s a perfect match for my son.”

Just now she was affectionately calling Mrs. Stone in-laws, but now that she knew that her future daughter-in-law had changed, Mrs. Bucham immediately changed her words.

Mrs. Stone saw Kiera’s photo, and then showed it to her husband. She smiled and said, “This girl gives a very good impression at first glance. She is a talented woman with Young Master Bucham, and she is a perfect match.”

Mrs. Stone would boast about it even if the girl wasn’t very good.

What’s more, Kiera gave her a very good and comfortable first impression.

The person who made Mrs. Stone feel comfortable at the first sight. Before Kiera, there were only two, Serenity and her sister. At that time, Mrs. Stone didn’t know that Serenity was her niece. Mrs. Stone liked Serenity very much when she saw her. She couldn’t help but want to get close.

Kiera gave her the same feeling.

Everyone in the Stone family had seen the girl’s photo.

Remy leaned beside Elisa and saw Kiera’s appearance.

Soon, the bunch of keys returned to Julian’s hands, and Julian quickly put them away. Seeing his precious appearance, everyone completely believed what he said.

Julian really liked that girl.

This girl was probably the girl who was meant to save Julian, as the master had said.

Patriarch Bucham asked: “Julian, what’s her name?”

“Kiera, daughter of the curator of the Caron family martial arts gym in Yonsburg, has been practicing martial arts since childhood. Since she was a child, she has competed in countless martial arts competitions. She was highly competent. Now she worked as a martial arts instructor in the martial arts gym owned by her family.”

Patriarch Bucham smiled: “Well, well, a person like her is suitable for you and our family.”

Although the Bucham family had always been kind to others and tried not to make enemies, but because they sometimes helped others investigate the truth of some things, they still offended many people.

Some people wished they could k!ll the Buchams.

Julian would be the head of the Bucham family in the future, and his wife would naturally be the head wife. If Mrs. Bucham were just a regular person who couldn’t fight, she wouldn’t even be able to defend herself.

Even if they could arrange bodyguards to follow, there were loopholes.

Therefore, it was the best for Julian’s wife to know how to fight.

But girls, there are not many people who are very skilled. Even if many people have learned Taekwondo, there is very little experience in real combat. To deal with ordinary people, they may be able to use one-on-one. If they meet someone who has really practiced, People can knock them down with one move.

Of the women other than relatives known by Patriarch Bucham, Serenity was the only one who met this requirement, but Serenity had married Zachary early on.

The connection between the Bucham family and the York family was very deep, so naturally they couldn’t focus on the eldest granddaughter-in-law personally selected by the old Mrs. York.

Sometimes Patriarch Bucham was shocked, why didn’t his son meet Serenity first?

After thinking about it, he felt that his son was in a special situation, even if he met Serenity first, it would be useless, maybe the two of them would only become brothers and sisters with different surnames, and could not become a husband and wife, because Serenity was not his son’s destined girl.

It’s hard to say about fate.

Now that Patriarch Bucham knew that Kiera, who could really make his son a normal man, has great skills, he was 100% satisfied and 100% relieved.

“Kiera brought her child to Wiltspoon to participate in a martial arts competition. By coincidence, I picked up her key. There was a photo of her on the key. I fell in love with her photo at first sight, and I fell in love with her real person even more.”

Julian had just acted, and he had already expressed his love to Kiera.

To everyone’s amazement, the charm of this destined girl was boundless.


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