Married at First Sight Chapter 2281 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2281 by desirenovelIn fact, it was Julian’s first taste of being tempted, and he couldn’t control his feelings anymore.

“Dad, Mom, I didn’t want to let you know so quickly, because I was afraid that your enthusiasm would scare Kiera, but you all mistakenly thought that I had something for Ms. Stone, and even without my consent, without asking me, you came here to propose marriage. I can only tell you first, so that you can feel at ease.

Daughter-in-law, you will definitely have some, but it’s not Ms. Stone. Don’t bother Ms. Stone again in the future.”

After Julian finished speaking to his parents, he solemnly apologized to Elisa. He apologized and said: “Ms. Stone, it’s my fault for bothering you and causing you trouble. I lost to Andrew, had to do it for him. Don’t blame Andrew, he was scared by Auntie Stone.”

Elisa ate the big melon that Young Master Bucham fell in love with, and satisfied her curiosity for gossip, so she stopped being angry a long time ago.

Besides, Serenity also confessed to her and told her the truth.

She said generously: “I know that the main source of this matter is because of my mother. Before she came back, Seren told me that Mr. Reading wanted my mother to die to win me over with him.

I can understand what Mr. York gave him. It’s his own cousin, and his cousin came to ask for help. Can he not say a few words?”

Remy: “…”

It turned out to be Zachary’s move.

It’s in vain that he trusted Zachary so much. The relationship between the two families had gradually become closer, and the business cooperation had deepened. Zachary tricked him without mercy.

Julian smiled and said: “In the past, everyone’s evaluation of Ms. Stone was false. In the future, who dare to say that Ms. Stone is arrogant and unreasonable and I heard it, I will slap them and clear their name.”

Elisa was obviously a magnanimous, sensible and good girl.

The outsiders were probably jealous of Elisa’s good family of origin and her ability to act rashly. While envious and jealous, they couldn’t help but slander Elisa, giving her a bad reputation.

Elisa’s character was that, no matter what they said, she could do whatever she wanted.

After a long time, her reputation would be ruined.

Fortunately, Remy was a smart person, and fell in love with Elisa.

Elisa smiled indifferently and said: “Mouths grow on them, they can say whatever they want, if I hear it, I refute it back, if I don’t hear it, just pretend they didn’t say it, let them go crazy, and I will say it again. There will be no loss of meat, so why affect my mood because of them?”

It was her nature.

Julian said to Remy: “Mr. Johnson, you are a man with good vision and good luck.”

Remy smiled, “Thank you, I also think I am a blessed man.”

The way he looked at Elisa was full of affection.

Julian said to Mrs. and Mr. Stone again: “Uncle, Auntie, you see how good the relationship between Mr. Johnson and Ms. Stone is. Although Johnson’s house is a little far away, Mr. Johnson has been staying in Wiltspoon for a long time. The big villa next door to your house that is still being renovated is also Mr. Johnson’s house, and he will live there from now on.

If you recognize Mr. Johnson, you will have a very good son-in-law. If you object, I think you will accept it in the end. Otherwise, if you miss him, a good son-in-law, you will regret it and feel ashamed.

Today’s incident is mainly because of Auntie.”

Mrs. Stone pursed her lips and remained silent.

Mr. Stone was embarrassed and didn’t know what to say. It was his wife who strongly opposes his daughter marrying away.

He actually admired Remy very much.


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