Married at First Sight Chapter 2282 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2282 by desirenovelThe main reason was that the man his daughter loved now was Remy.

In the past, Elisa ran after Zachary, and Zachary dismissed her. After knowing that Zachary and Serenity got married, Elisa swung a sword to break the relationship. Finally, she completely let go of her feelings for Zachary and started a new relationship.

Mr. Stone wanted his daughter to be happy.

That is, he was a strict wife, and his wife reacted too violently, so he didn’t dare to say it clearly.

“Dad, Mom, I agreed with Kiera to invite her to have dinner with her students at noon. It’s time soon, and I have to rush over. Please, Mom and Dad, clean up the mess. I can handle Kiera’s matter by myself without my parents interfering. In short, your daughter-in-law can’t escape, trust your son.”

Hearing this, Patriarch Bucham and his wife hurriedly urged him: “Hurry up, don’t be late, go over and treat Kiera to dinner. As long as you can handle it well, we will not intervene, and we promise not to intervene.”

Let the son enjoy the sweet taste of love.

What others had had, their son would have too.

Julian apologized to the Stones and left quickly.

After he left, Zachary and Serenity arrived.

They didn’t eat the melon right, and through Elisa’s mouth, the couple also knew that Julian had found his destined girl.

“Seren, the master that Grandma May knows, is really awesome. Seren, tell Grandma that she can introduce me to the Master. I also want Master to do the math for me and see when I can become the richest woman.”

Elisa was amazed at the power of that master.

It’s pretty accurate.

Even if Zachary and Serenity were destined to be husband and wife for a lifetime, Zachary was forced to have a flash marriage with Serenity under the strong interference of Grandma May, and in the end it really fell into Serenity’s hands.

The master said that the young couple would be blessed with both children. This needed to be verified, but he said that Serenity would have good news after autumn.

That’s right.

Then he said that Julian could meet his destined girl, and that the girl would come to Wiltspoon, and that she was 24 years old, all of them were accurate.

Elisa, who never believed in metaphysics, became interested in that legendary master and wanted to have a fortune with him.

Serenity smiled and said, “You’re interested now, it’s a bit late.”

Elisa: “…Why is it late?”

Serenity: “The master said last time that his fate with us is over, let my grandma not have to look for him in the future, even if he does, he will never see grandma again, and he will never see us. It’s about cause and effect.”

The other party thought that they were destined, so they got acquainted with grandma and won her trust.

The fate was over, even the old Mrs. York who she had known for many years would no longer give face.

Everyone thought that the master was very powerful.

Since the world’s experts say that the world is over, they can’t force it anymore.

Patriarch Bucham said: “I was thinking of preparing a generous gift to reward that master, but I never thought that the last time I saw him, it was the end of my fate.”

Looking at the gifts piled up on the coffee table, Patriarch Bucham said again: “Mrs. Stone, my wife and I have offended you today. These things are regarded as our apology. That bad boy Julian has caused trouble for Ms. Stone. We apologized to Ms. Stone on his behalf.”


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