Married at First Sight Chapter 2286 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2286 by desirenovelJulian continued: “Ms. Caron, you’re my savior. Treating you to dinner is not enough to repay my life-saving grace. The life-saving grace should be repaid by the spring.”

Kiera: “…how are those robers? How many years will they be sentenced to?”

She changed the subject.

Julian: “I don’t know how many years they will be sentenced if they all go in, but the crime of robbery should be sentenced to at least a few years.”

He lied because his face was not red and he was out of breath.

His subordinates went in, not in prison, but in the hospital, where they were lying down to heal their wounds.

There were those who were injured by Kiera, or those who fell.

In short, as soon as Kiera made a move, his subordinates fell down. Everyone was in awe of her, the future young lady.

Kiera said: “You are unlucky. I heard that the law and order in Wiltspoon is very good. I don’t know how many years there have been no motorcycle gangsters. As soon as they appeared, I met you.”

Julian smiled, “I think it’s their bad luck. They got a bad start. As soon as they appeared, they met your heroic spirit, who saved me and knocked them to the ground. I think they never dreamed that there were so many of them, will fall in your hands alone.”

Kiera said: “It can be said that the police took them all at once.”

Julian: “Ms. Caron, I’m out of the car for you to play. I will accompany you to play everywhere. With me, a local, leading you, you will avoid detours, and you don’t have to worry about being cheated. “

If he had this opportunity to get along with Kiera, he could perform well, so he would not miss it.

“Ms. Caron, have you heard of Wildridge Manor?”

Seeing that Kiera could not be persuaded, Julian remembered Kiera’s gossip about Zachary and Serenity’s love, so he used Wildridge Manor to coax Kiera to let her go with him.

Kiera said: “The name of this villa sounds familiar, I seem to have heard of it.”

Julian: “Ms. Caron, it’s the hometown of the Young master York that you asked me about. The York family’s mansion is the Wildridge Manor. The villa is very beautiful. Of course, it is the York family’s mansion, which is not open to the public. I have met with Young master York a few times. For business cooperation, I can take you and the children to Wildridge Manor for fun.

Of course, we don’t want to disturb anyone in the York family. The villa is very big. We don’t disturb the master’s house, nor will it affect our play.”

He had helped Zachary so much, now it was Zachary’s turn to help him unconditionally.

However, Julian didn’t want York’s family to see him, for fear that his identity would be exposed, which would not help him chase his wife.

Kiera suddenly said, “So it’s Young Master York’s home, I just said it sounds so familiar, so it’s Young Master York’s home. That’s someone else’s house, let’s go in and play, isn’t it good?”

Julian: “Let’s not bother them, just walk around in the landscape garden of the villa. There is also a children’s playground inside. Your students will definitely be very happy to play there. The main reason is that it is free and much more convenient than taking them to the children’s park. “

You go to those children’s parks and you can afford tickets, but you’re either in line or on the way in line. It’s not fun at all to play.”

Kiera thought for a while and asked, “Will we really not disturb the York family when we go to Wildridge Manor?”

Julian: “No, Ms. Caron if you’re interested, I’ll tell Young Master York. Young Master York will call his butler. When we go, there will be a butler to receive us, and we won’t disturb anyone in the York family. “


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