The Strongest War God – Chapter 739

Chapter 739: The Northern King Enters the Battlefield!

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It was a pity that Luther Carden and the others didn’t manage to take the head of Namar’s ruler, Cameron Linar.

With Braydon Neal’s arrival…

The 100,000 soldiers of the first legion of the Northern Army who were guarding tiger gate had black cold swords hanging from their waists. Their eyes were determined.


The 100,000 soldiers all bent down, drew their swords from their waists, and held them in front of their chests. They saluted Braydon with the Northern Army salute. They opened their mouths and roared, “The soldiers of the Northern Army’s first legion welcome the return of the commander!”

All the soldiers’ eyes were filled with fervent faith.

To them, Commander Braydon was their faith.

But today, Braydon was going to resign from his position.

This was something that the entire Northern Army could not accept.

Luther was calm and elegant. He stepped forward and called out, “The Northern Army’s first legion! Those who are heavily injured, step forward!”


Everyone sheathed their swords and no one walked out.

The Northern Army had a rule that those who were seriously injured had to withdraw from the battle and rest in the rear.

Therefore, in every battle, there were only casualties and no serious injuries.

In a battle, everyone had the will to die.

The sons of the Northern Armv were not afraid of death!

There were loyal bones buried everywhere on the mountains. They would not step to the rear due to injuries.

“Those who are lightly injured, step forward!” Luther said softly with his hands behind his back.

The words of the ten commanders were military orders.

Next, more than thirty thousand soldiers of the Northern Army walked out of the formation.

Braydon looked at the bearded youth at the front. He was only 25 or 26 years old, but he had a full beard on his sideburns, making him look like a 30 or 40-year-old man.

He was Lucca Hansen, the third regimental commander of the first legion!

“Lucca, is the wound on your abdomen classified as a light injury or a serious injury?

Braydon asked Lucca calmly.

Among the 10 regiments of the Northern Army, there were more than 100 regimental commanders, all of whom were personally promoted by Braydon.

None of them were weaker than War Gods!

Recently, most of the regimental commanders had been conferred the title of marquis!

The bearded Lucca stood straight and shouted, “According to the Northern Army’s disability standards, a penetrating wound in the abdomen is a serious injury.”

“Then tell me, are you lightly injured or seriously injured?”

Braydon looked at Lucca’s abdomen, which was wrapped in a thick cloth of blood.

This was obviously a penetrating wound in the abdomen. Both internal and external injuries were extremely serious.

But Lucca straightened his back and shouted, “I’m only lightly injured!”

“Explain yourself!”

Braydon picked him up with his left hand, not caring about his dignity as a regimental commander.

The regimental commanders of the Northern Army had ten thousand elites under them, and they were considered core generals of the middle and high ranks.

But Braydon had picked up the back of his head like he was carrying a little puppy. He was about to throw him to Cole and have him personally take him away to treat his injuries.

Lucca was being carried away as he called out frankly, “A penetrating wound in the abdomen can be classified as a serious injury for ordinary soldiers, but for a regimental commander, it can be classified as a light injury!”

“According to what you said, when it comes to the regimental commanders, wouldn’t the penetrating wound in his abdomen no longer be an injury?” Braydon stopped and looked at him.

Lucca lowered his head and mumbled, “Anyway, as long as we are alive, we aren’t injured!”

“Take him away and treat his injuries first. Then, he will receive twenty military lashes! ”

Braydon threw him to Cole Colbie.

Lucca was really timid and tough at the same time. He said stubbornly, “I won’t go to the rear. It’s my duty to guard tiger gate!”

The people of Northern Army were all tough bones!

Braydon ignored him and turned around. “Quest Swanson, step forward!”

“The Northern Army, under Commander Colbie of the first legion… Cough, cough… Second regimental commander Quest Swanson greets the commander!”

A skinny and tanned young man, who looked as if he could not stand a gust of wind, took a step forward.

Braydon looked at him and asked indifferently, “Tell me, is a penetrating wound in the chest that affects the lungs considered a minor injury?

“Yes, this is a minor injury!”

The skinny youth, Quest, was another person who lied through his teeth.

These ruthless people were very familiar with Braydon, but from their words, one could feel their arrogance.

But thinking about it, if the person who asked today was an outsider like Dominic Lowe…

Quest and the others would probably ignore him.

Braydon shook his head lightly. “Take him away and treat his injuries. After he’s cured, he’ll be beaten thirty times!” “I request a hundred sticks!”

Quest stiffened his neck and shouted.

Cole’s face darkened as he said in a low voice, “Do you have a death wish?”

“I request a hundred strokes, but I will not go to the rear to recuperate.” Quest stated his conditions.

None of the Northern Army soldiers present wanted to go to the rear to recuperate.

The Northern Army men were good at fighting and liked to kill. It was definitely not a joke.

Braydon ignored him. He looked around at the 30,000 or so injured people and suddenly asked, ‘Where’s Tanner from the first legion?”

Tanner Lynn was the tenth regimental commander of the first legion of the Northern Army!

A seventeen-year-old youth.

He was only seventeen years old and had become a War God last year.

Although he was young, his battle achievements weren’t any weaker than Quest and the other elders.

He was a regimental commander that Braydon had personally promoted.

When Braydon asked, the whole place was silent.

A stifling atmosphere filled the air.

Braydon’s heart sank, and he said angrily, “I’m asking, where is the regimental commander of the tenth regiment, Tanner Lynn?”

“Tanner Lynn greets the commander!”

This was not a single voice, but the voice of more than ten thousand people.

The voices of ten thousand people mixed together and resounded throughout the world.

This was the voice of everyone in the tenth regiment.

In the black square formation at the back was the tenth regiment.

However, based on what happened, Braydon already knew the answer.

Tanner had died in battle!

If a person died in battle and Braydon called out to find him, his ten thousand brothers would answer for him.

Braydon slowly closed his eyes, his voice hoarse. “How did Tanner die?”

“Last night, the eight countries outside the border were at war. The flames of war were ignited in front of the ten gates. The three elite legions of Namar attacked tiger gate, but they were all killed by me here. Namar refused to give up and sent more troops to attack at night.” Luther’s eyes flashed with guilt.

Luther was also responsible for Tanner’s death.

The two legions that Namar sent out had several kings hidden in them. They originally wanted to take advantage of the battle to kill Luther and the others.

However, the Northern Army was brave and good at fighting. Each regimental commander had extraordinary combat strength and was very eye-catching on the battlefield. It was easy for the enemy to target them.

Tanner, an eighth-level War God, seemed to be extremely powerful.

However, he couldn’t block a king’s attack!

Almost at the start of the attack, Tanner’s heart meridian was cut off by a Namar king, and he died on the spot.

This was the highest-level soldier of the Northern Army that had fallen in the battle last night.

A regimental commander with a bright future was killed in front of tiger gate.

He was only seventeen this year!

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