An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2141

Park Guochang, the dignified general of Goryeo, finally died in the hands of William the Blood Demon and died of his own arrogance.

The secret gathering originally organized by the pantheon of gods was given a different color by this bloody killing.

“Dear friends, I’ve made you laugh. I’m going to freshen up.”

After sucking Park Guochang into a mummy, William smiled with satisfaction, then put one hand on his chest, bowed to everyone in a gentlemanly manner, and finally turned around and went to the bathroom.

“Kusama-kun, please ask someone to clean it up.” Bailey turned his head and glanced at Taro Kusama.

“No problem.” Taro Kusama nodded.

A group of Golden Crow warriors were immediately called and began to clean up the scene.

All the bodies were buried, and the blood stains were washed into the drainage ditch with water. Everything was in order.

The people who can appear here are all strong men from all over the world. They have experienced all kinds of storms and waves. A small scene like this will not cause any shock at all.

While the Golden Crow Kingdom warriors were cleaning up the scene, everyone, led by Taro Kusama, returned to the living room and sat down.

At this time, William also changed his clothes and returned to his seat in a glamorous manner.

I just had a good meal, and now I am in a good mood.

“Dear friends, I invite you here on behalf of the gods to form an alliance of crusaders.”

After everyone was seated, Bailey started to get straight to the point: “And the target of our crusade is the Dragon Kingdom!

I believe that all of you have felt the threat of the Dragon Kingdom over the years. Once the Dragon Kingdom continues to grow, it will be a huge hidden danger for all our countries.

So we can’t just sit back and wait, we must take the initiative!

And this operation is our best opportunity! “

After glancing around, Bailey continued: “Our Crusaders Alliance has a total of two goals: First, to defeat all the young masters of the Dragon Kingdom, compete for the championship of the martial arts tournament, and severely suppress the arrogance of the Dragon Kingdom’s warriors!

Second, seize the treasure of the Dragon Kingdom! “


After hearing this, everyone became energetic.

Suppressing the Dragon Kingdom is important, but if there is no profit motive, the motivation will obviously be insufficient, and cooperation will not be so smooth.

But if there is a treasure, the situation is different.

As long as the benefits are big enough, they may even sacrifice their lives.

“Bailey-kun, what do you mean by treasure?” Taro Kusama asked.

“According to the reliable information I have received, there is a treasure that is as rich as any country hidden in the restricted area behind Longhu Mountain!

Some time ago, a strange phenomenon occurred in Longhu Mountain. Nine lightning bolts struck the restricted area of ​​Longhu Mountain. Afterwards, the mountain peak cracked, revealing the mysterious treasure hidden underneath!

Although Longhu Mountain covered up the truth and strengthened precautions, our spies still captured relevant traces.

If our Alliance of Crusaders obtains this treasure, not only can it greatly reduce the national power of the Dragon Kingdom, but it can also arm ourselves and make us stronger! “

Bailey looked serious and spoke shockingly.

“Hehehe…it’s interesting.”

William smiled: “There must be many precious jewels hidden in the treasures of the Dragon Kingdom. I am very interested in those beautiful things.”

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