An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2142

William smiled: “There must be many precious jewels hidden in the treasures of the Dragon Kingdom. I am very interested in those beautiful things.”

“Now that we have discovered the treasure, we must snatch it back from the Dragon Kingdom. We must not take advantage of these Dragon Kingdom people in vain!” Brahma slowly clenched his fist.

“I agree.”

Basong nodded and said firmly: “We in Baixiang Country need this treasure very much. No matter what the price, we will get it!”

“There are many powerful masters in the Longhu Mountain lineage, especially Zhang Xuanji, the Heavenly Master of Longhu Mountain, who is a legendary figure. It is probably not easy for us to grab the treasure.” Taro Kusama said thoughtfully.

Zhang Xuanji has been sitting on the throne of the most powerful person in the Dragon Kingdom for a long time. Even the strongest swordsman Gu Qingjuro in the Golden Crow Kingdom is no match. It must be very difficult to seize the treasure under the nose of such a big shot.

“If it were easy, I wouldn’t invite you all here.”

Bailey said calmly: “Everyone here is a world-class expert. I believe in your strength. As long as we work together and work together, we will definitely succeed!”

“Bailey-kun, if you have any plans, just ask. Our Kusama family will all obey your arrangements.” Taro Kusama said.

“The same goes for us.” The others expressed their opinions one after another.

They clearly know the strength of Bear King Bailey, and everyone has to pay three points of respect.

Especially after the other party joined the pantheon of gods and became the God King, he became even more powerful and domineering.

They couldn’t help but be dissatisfied.

“Okay! Since everyone believes me, I will tell you directly.”

Bailey lowered his voice and said: “In three days, the martial arts competition held in Longhu Mountain will officially begin. During this period, you don’t have to do anything. Just wait in secret. We will wait until our people win the championship before taking action. When the time comes, I will arrange detailed tasks for you.”

As long as you win the championship, you can penetrate into Longhu Mountain and obtain the secret treasure of the Heavenly Master, so that you can better coordinate internally and externally and implement your plan.

“Bailey-kun, what if we don’t win?” Taro Kusama asked tentatively.

“The people I’m looking for are all top geniuses from all over the world. They are by no means worse than the warriors from the Dragon Kingdom. As long as they follow my plan, they have a high chance of winning.”

As he said that, Bailey suddenly changed the subject: “Of course, even if we really fail and don’t win the championship, it won’t affect the entire plan. Our treasure hunt will continue, but by then, I will take another approach. a method.”

“In what way?” Taro Kusama asked.

“Kusama-kun, I’m sorry. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the plan, I can’t tell you yet.” Bailey shook his head.

The more people know about something, the easier it is for leaks to leak out.

It’s not that I can’t trust Taro Kusama, it’s mainly just in case.

“Suga, I can understand.” Taro Kusama nodded.

“Everyone, what you have to do now is to gather your strength and wait for my order. Once the time is right, we will go out in full force and give the Dragon Kingdom a heavy blow!”

Bailey stood up and raised his glass.

“Okay! I wish our Alliance of Crusaders a happy cooperation!”

Everyone stood up to raise their glasses, clinked them with each other, and drank them all in one gulp.

The forces of five countries have formally formed an alliance here.

A huge crisis began to spread in Longhu Mountain.

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