An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2143

Chapter 2143

At this moment, the spring breeze drunkenly filled the building.

Dustin and Dong Qianqiu were drinking happily with a group of people.

Ever since Dustin defeated Yayoi Kusama, Dong Qianqiu held a lively celebration banquet in the name of Tianxiahui.

Dong Qianqiu invited many young talents to this celebration banquet, and many people came here because of their reputation.

After all, the news of Yayoi Kusama’s performance has spread around Longhu Mountain.

If Dustin hadn’t taken action and defeated Yayoi Kusama, the entire Dragon Kingdom warriors would have been humiliated.

So for whatever reason, many people want to meet this new dark horse.

“Come on, little brother Dustin, I’ll give you another toast. I wish you a bright future and good progress!”

Dong Qianqiu picked up the wine glass with a smile and turned to Dustin next to him.

After drinking for half the night, even he felt a little dizzy.

“Thank you, Mr. Dong.”

Dustin smiled and raised his glass in response, neither humble nor overbearing.

“Brother Dustin, are you really not considering joining our Tianxiahui?”

Dong Qianqiu suddenly changed the topic: “With your talent and strength, as long as you join the Tianxiahui, I can guarantee that you will get the best resources and the best teachings. Even if you catch up with Han Feiyang in the future, it is not impossible.”

He had invited Dustin many times during the banquet, but without exception, they were all declined.

But he was still a little unwilling and always wanted to try harder.

After all, geniuses like this are so rare.

“I appreciate Mr. Dong’s kindness, but I’m used to being idle and don’t plan to join any force, so I can only say sorry.” Dustin shook his head.

“Really? That would be a pity.” Dong Qianqiu looked regretful.

Many invitations ended in failure. It was obvious that Dustin really didn’t care about Tianxiahui’s reputation.

“There are rules and regulations in the world, and it is true that there is no freedom. However, our Sword Sect does not have any rules and regulations. Everything is based on your heart. How about you come to our Sword Sect?” Liu Rushuang, who was sitting opposite, said suddenly.

Like Dong Qianqiu, she also admires Dustin very much and hopes that he can join the Sword Sect.


Dong Qianqiu was slightly startled, with a strange look on his face.

This girl, in order to recruit talents, actually stepped on the world, which was a bit too much.

“Miss Liu, I’m sorry, I still said what I said, I have no intention of joining any force.” Dustin shook his head again.

“Hey! Our Sword Sect never accepts people easily. Opportunities like this only come once in a lifetime, and others can’t even ask for them. You’d better think carefully!” Liu Hongxue next to her bulged her mouth, a little dissatisfied.

Her sister had always been arrogant and never showed favor to others. This time she took the initiative to invite Dustin for the first time. Unexpectedly, this guy refused to give her face.

“Hongxue! Don’t be rude!” Liu Rushuang turned around and glared.

Being able to defeat Yayoi Kusama is enough to prove that Dustin has reached the martial arts master level.

Even if a genius master like this cannot be won over, he must not make enemies.


Liu Hongxue rolled her eyes, said nothing more, and drank alone.

“Okay, okay, everyone, it’s getting late. Let’s have another drink, and then go back to rest. We have to sign up for the martial arts competition tomorrow, so don’t delay the business.” Yan Buqi stood up with a smile.

“Come! Drink!” Everyone raised their glasses in response.

What needs to be said has been said, what needs to be eaten has been eaten, and it is time to leave.

After drinking the last glass of wine, Dustin escorted Dong Qianqiu and his group out the door.

At this moment, the street outside the restaurant had already become empty.

It didn’t know when it started to rain, and the cold wind blew with a biting chill, which made many people feel trembling with coldness, and they couldn’t help but feel a little less drunk.


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