An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2145

Chapter 2145

Kuang Chao’s knife was so fast that it was almost elusive, and he could barely see the light of the knife.

Wherever the sword light passed, the rainwater dripping down was directly evaporated, creating a vacuum area.


Xu Yang’s pupils shrank and he immediately drew his sword to block.



The frenzied sword light struck Xu Yang’s sword heavily.

The huge impact directly shook Xu Yang back several steps and almost fell down.

For a moment, even the hand holding the sword began to tremble slightly.

“What a terrifying power!”

Xu Yang was secretly frightened, and his expression became solemn.

Although the sword strike just now was a bit unexpected, it was truly fierce.

If I hadn’t reacted quickly, I might have been in danger.

“You are no match for me, get out of the way!”

After Kuang Tide slashed, he did not pursue, but instead sheathed his long sword.

He still looked cold and cold, obviously not taking Xu Yang seriously.

“Hmph! Don’t be too arrogant!”

Xu Yang pointed his sword and said angrily: “I am a disciple of the Sword Sect. Although I dare not compare with a genius like Brother Dustin, I am by no means an ordinary person, let alone a cat and a dog like you who can provoke me!”

Strength doesn’t mean anything. Some people are born with supernatural powers, but they may not be great at fighting.

“It would be so disappointing if the disciples of Jianzong were all like you.” Kuangchao shook his head.

“Bold! How dare you look down on Jian Zong, I must teach you a lesson today!”

Xu Yang was furious. He took a step forward and stabbed him with his sword.

This sword was fast, accurate and ruthless, without any sloppiness.

The sword edge trembled slightly, with a hint of restrained edge.

“Don’t overestimate your capabilities!”

Kuangchao snorted coldly and unsheathed his sword again.

In an instant, sword lights all over the sky burst out, pressing towards Xu Yang like a mountain.


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