An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2147

Chapter 2147

If one is taken away, there will be a second one, a third one, a fourth one, and so on.

He is a person who hates trouble very much. Instead of fighting, it would be better to simply admit defeat and give up the glory of defeating Yayoi Kusama.

“Hmph! What do you think I am? A beggar?”

Kuang Chao’s face darkened and he said coldly: “If I want to win, I must win upright and win your heart and soul. There must be no adulteration!”

Although he came here to become famous, he only wanted to rely on his own strength to win the final victory.

This is the pride of being a swordsman!

“What if I don’t fight you?” rhys asked.

“If you refuse to take action, then I will kill everyone around you. Then I will see how you can endure it!” Kuangchao said with a fierce expression.

Hearing this, Dustin couldn’t help but frown slightly.

This guy really doesn’t want to die until he reaches the Yellow River.

It seems that today’s battle is unavoidable.

“Okay, since you are so interested, I will play with you.”

Dustin took the umbrella handed by Chunhua and walked into the rain step by step.

The rain fell in patter and hit the umbrella, making a “tap-tat-tat” sound.

“Where are your weapons?” Kuangchao asked.

“We don’t need weapons to deal with you.” Dustin said calmly.


Kuangchao became angry and suddenly drew his sword and struck Dustin in the air.


There was a loud noise in the sky.

A white sword light that was more than ten meters long suddenly formed, and then carried the power of destroying the world and pressing heavily towards Dustin.

Wherever the sword light passes, the rainwater automatically flows away, as if fearing something, it retreats one after another.

Even the ground began to shake slightly.

“Good guy! He actually used the Blood Mad Sword Technique? That is the unique skill of the Blood Mad Sect!” Yan Buqi looked surprised.

“Blood Madness Sect?” Liu Rushuang frowned slightly.

She knew a thing or two about the Blood Madness Sect.

It was a very mysterious sect. Although the number was small, all of them were elites.


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