An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2148

Chapter 2148

It was a very mysterious sect. Although the number was small, all of them were elites.

Moreover, the disciples of the Blood Madness Sect have a characteristic that they are particularly aggressive and often challenge the masters of various sects.

Because the blood mad sword technique practiced by the disciples of the blood mad sect is based on fighting, and it is the kind that becomes more powerful the more you fight.

He goes crazy and has no regard for his own life, so he is also called a blood madman by the people in the world.

The most famous disciple among the Blood Mad Sect is undoubtedly Kuang Lang, who is ranked eighth on the list of geniuses!


Seeing the huge sword light striking his head, dustin smiled faintly, raised his hand and struck out with a palm.

A palm shadow burst out and hit the sword light hard.


There was a loud bang.

The shadow of the palm dissipated, the sword exploded, and energy waves spread out in all directions, creating water splashes all over the sky.

“Look at the knife!”

After the attack failed, Kuangfeng didn’t hesitate at all. He tiptoed and sprang out like a cheetah.

The knife in his hand dragged a long spark on the ground.


After getting close, Kuangchao held the knife in both hands and made a sharp slash from bottom to top.


The air trembled and roared.

The sword’s light wrapped around the blade, and it struck dustin’s chest with great force.

dustin stepped forward and moved back several meters in an instant, easily dodging the knife.

As he stepped back, a drop of water fell from the edge of the umbrella.

dustin raised his hand and flicked his finger at the water droplets.


The water droplets turned into swords and shot out in an instant. With lightning speed, they directly penetrated Kuang Chao’s shoulder and exploded into a bloody mist.

Kuang Chao groaned, his attack stopped, his arms trembled, and his face looked horrified.


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