An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori Chapter 2149

Chapter 2149

Kuangchao groaned and staggered back from the shock, almost losing his grip on the knife.

He looked down at his shoulder, where a blood hole had appeared. The blood slowly flowed out through the raincoat, and finally dripped down, mixing with the rain.

A drop of water turned into a sword, and it easily penetrated his defense, which showed that dustin was stronger than he expected.

“Good! Good fight!”

Seeing Kuang Chao injured, Xu Yang was very happy.

I just felt like I had regained all the face I had just lost.

“Hmph! I thought he was so powerful, but he couldn’t even block dustin’s move. It seems that the disciples of the Blood Madness Sect are not that good either.” Liu Hongxue sneered.

“Sister Hongxue, you must not underestimate the members of the Blood Mad Sect. They have a characteristic that the more they fight, the braver they become. The more they fight, the more powerful they become. Especially after being injured, they can use the sect’s skills to the extreme, thus defeating the strong with the weak. .” Yan Buqi stared straight ahead without any relaxation.

“Master Yan is right, I can feel the aura on Kuang Chao’s body getting stronger.” Liu Rushuang looked serious.

The members of the Blood Madness Sect are all militants and will not admit defeat so easily.

“Very good, you successfully aroused my desire.”

The frantic one did not pay attention to the wound on his shoulder, but took out a red pill and threw it directly into his mouth.

In an instant, a violent energy burst out from his body, shaking away the surrounding rain.


Kuang Chao’s eyes quickly turned red, the muscles all over his body bulged, veins popped out, and his bones made friction sounds.

In just a few breaths, Kuangfeng’s whole body swelled up, becoming even bigger and taller, and his momentum was particularly fierce.

“Next, I will go all out to show you the unique skills of the Blood Mad Sect!”

Kuang Chao took a deep breath and held the knife in both hands, standing in front of his chest.

His blood-red eyes slowly closed.

Immediately afterwards, traces of blood-red mist quickly overflowed from his body.

The mist wraps around the coir raincoat, dancing in the wind like a red cloak.

“The first move of the Blood Mad Sword Technique – Demon Killing!”

Kuang Chao’s eyes suddenly opened, and his whole body was filled with blood.

Following his footsteps, the whole person jumped up high, as if a soaring goshawk actually stopped in mid-air.

Then, he raised the long knife with both hands, gathered all his strength, and struck down dustin hard.


There seemed to be thunder in the sky.

A streak of blood-colored sword light broke through the night sky, cut off the rain, and slammed into dustin with the force of destroying the sky and the earth.

Facing the attack, dustin did not dodge and turned the umbrella in his hand suddenly.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

Water droplets all over the sky shot out like bullets, hitting the bloody sword light one after another.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

The water droplets collided with the sword light, making a burst of explosions, like setting off firecrackers.

Under the impact of the dense water droplets, the sword light shattered inch by inch, and before it fell completely, it had already turned into air waves and dissipated.

“Second Form of the Blood Mad Sword Technique – Destroying Demons!”

One stab failed, and the frenzy did not stop at all. Then he swung a second stab.

This sword is a horizontal cut, faster and more powerful.

The blood-red sword glow was like a blood moon, exuding a strange and cold aura.

Wherever it passed, even the dense rain curtain was divided into two, forming a cessation phenomenon.

dustin still didn’t dodge and waved his hand.

The rain curtain in front of him suddenly condensed into a huge shield, protecting him tightly.


The bloody sword light struck the rain shield, making a loud noise.

The sword light exploded in response, and the rain shield was split with a deep mark, but it quickly returned to normal without causing any damage.

“The third form of the Blood Mad Sword Technique—Zhu Xian!”


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