Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1360 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1360

Jessica could not help but squat on the ground. She covered her face and cried.

After crying for a while, she stood up and took out a piece of tissue to wipe away her tears and snot. She then walked forward.

Divorce? She would not divorce for the time being.

If she did, what would she do if she could not complete the task given to her by the unknown. woman?

What would happen to her family?

Besides, Jessica had snatched Hank from someone else. If she simply separated from him, would be laughed at for getting what she deserved.

Jessica gritted her teeth and told herself that she could not bow down or retreat. She must teach the Browns a lesson.

She definitely would not follow in Liberty’s footsteps!

Liberty was clueless about the conflict between Hank and Jessica. She had only hung up rudely because she did not like the tone of Hank’s speech.

She did not want to care about her ex–husband anymore.

If he truly wanted to buy clothes for Sonny, he should be able to buy suitable clothes for his son since she had informed him of Sonny’s size.

In any case, Liberty would not let her son go out with Hank and Jessica–unless she had time to tag along.

The zoo incident was still hovering over her head like a big shadow, giving her lingering fears. whenever she thought about it.

Liberty dared not imagine the consequences.

By the time Serenity was done eating, Duncan had finished assembling the small bicycle for Sonny. Sonny was overjoyed and wanted to ride it immediately.

Duncan accompanied him to the courtyard outside to ride his bicycle and Liberty followed suit.

By the time Serenity went outside, Sonny had learned to ride a bike. He was cycling fast on the concrete road. The windmill that Duncan bought him was attached to the front of the bicycle. It moved with the bicycle and spun in the wind.

It was beautiful.

The yard was filled with Sonny’s laughter.

Liberty took out her phone to record a video.

Duncan walked over and stood by her side. He said with a smile, “I was afraid the bicycle was too big for him. Luckily, it fits nicely. If it was slightly bigger, Sonny wouldn’t be able to reach the pedals and couldn’t ride it.”

“Mr. Lewis, thank you.”

Liberty stopped recording the video and thanked Duncan.

Duncan looked at her. At this precise moment, the sun shone on her face and painted her skin a

bright glow. Her face looked fair with a hint of scarlet.

‘She’s beautiful!‘ Duncan praised internally.

This was the first time he realized that Liberty was captivating.


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