Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1361 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1361

“Mr. Lewis?”

With Duncan staring at Liberty without blinking, Liberty skeptically called him back to earth.

Snapping out of his thoughts, Duncan said with a smile, “I guess I see you every day, so I don’t see the difference. I’m only realizing now that you’ve lost a lot of weight. You look good. You can give Lily a run for her money.”

Duncan was stunned by what came out of his mouth. Why was he comparing Liberty to Lily?

Liberty answered with a grin, “Thanks for the compliment, but I’m just an ordinary girl. Ms.

Harmon is beautiful.”

“Liberty, Lily is… the daughter of my mom’s best friend. She’s staying with me for the time being as she’s here on business. My mom loves her like a daughter. You know, we only have boys in my family. My mom doesn’t have a daughter, so she really likes girls.

It’s like how Grandma May looks forward to having a great–granddaughter. That’s how much my mom likes girls too. They’re the same.

“Lily is a little younger than me. We met before when we were younger, but I don’t remember anything about it. Since she’s a guest, I would sometimes make time for her, no. I mean, I went to an event with my mom, and my mom brought her along, so I had a dance with her. That’s all.”

For some reason, Duncan felt the need to explain to Liberty what he did with Lily last night.

He did not want Liberty to think that he and Lily were an item.

Truth be told, Liberty had no idea Duncan attended an event with Lily, much less they shared a dance together.

Serenity did not tell her sister about this, but it was not like she had the chance to yet.

Her sister expressed her disapproval of her drinking last night the moment Serenity woke up. Liberty had taken strides downstairs before Serenity had the chance to chat about the event.

Liberty replied to Duncan, “Mrs. Lewis really embraces Ms. Harmon. It sounds like you and Ms. Harmon get along well. You should spend some quality time together. Ms. Harmon is a decent and fine young lady. She’s smart and capable too. I can tell she’s a career woman.”

Ms. Harmon was a good fit for Duncan.

Duncan was honest. “That’s true. Lily is a career woman, and she’s smart too. We do get along. Wait, I mean, Liberty, what are you trying to say? Do you want me to spend quality time with her? Do you think we’re a couple?”

Liberty gleefully answered, “We’re adults, Mr. Lewis. I’ve been there. I know your mom has been nagging you to get married. Mrs. Lewis takes a shine to Ms. Harmon, and Ms. Harmon hits it off with you and is now living with you. I think you know what your mom wants.

“No need to feel embarrassed about it. You’re single, and so is Ms. Harmon. You should take your relationship to the next level if things are going well between you two. Don’t miss out on a girl who Is good for you.”

Liberty gave advice to Duncan as someone who had been there and done that. “Mr. Lewis, you’re not getting any younger. You’re thirty–six years old. What’s wrong with dating? Don’t be picky. Ms. Harmon is a great lady and a good match for you.”

Duncan looked at Liberty.

He had reasons to believe that his mother possessed Liberty because Liberty was trying to put him and Lily together.

Duncan had no hard feelings toward Lily, but there was no chemistry for him to take the step forward.

“Liberty, did my mom say something to you?”

With his mind harking back to when Liberty first met Lily, Duncan had to ask.

He had an inkling that Mom had seen Liberty.

“No. Mrs. Lewis passed by my diner the other day and dropped in for a visit. We chatted a little. As a mom whose thirty–six–year–old son is still single, she is keen to talk about her son and wants to find girls for him. I get it.

“I’ll probably be worried like Mrs. Lewis is if Sonny turns thirty–six, and there are no girls in his life.

“Don’t blame your mom for nagging you, Mr. Lewis. That’s generally how parents are. You’ll understand us parents when you get married and have children.”

Duncan was at a loss for words.

A while later, he said, “You’re younger than me. Don’t talk to me like you’re older.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t dare. I’m just saying as someone who has been there. I’ve been through marriage, but you don’t even have a girlfriend. You don’t have the experience of sharing a life with someone else.”


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