Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1363 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Chapter 1363

Zachary’s personal car drove into the villa.

He could hear Sonny’s crying before even getting out of the car.

Once the car was packed, Zachary got out and took large strides to Serenity.

Serenity and her sister were trying to settle Sonny down. Seeing that Zachary was back, Serenity said to Sonny, “Sonny, your uncle is here. Your uncle is the best. He can help fix your bike.”

Tinkling with the bicycle, Duncan jumped in. “It’s okay, Sonny. I can fix your bike. No need to trouble your uncle.”

It was a tiny issue from the bike being overturned. It was an easy repair.

As Zachary drew close, Sonny put his hands out to his uncle. With Zachary holding him, he cried and asked, “Uncle Zack, my bicycle is broken. Can you fix it?”

Zachary gestured for Serenity to bring him a tissue.

Serenity grabbed a tissue and handed it to him. Zachary wiped away Sonny’s tears and tenderly uttered, “Dunc is repairing your bike right now. Don’t worry, your bicycle will be okay. It’s just a small problem. Don’t cry. Sonny is a man. You can’t cry in the face of every tiny issue.

“We men should shed blood and not tears. Get it?”

Sonny whimpered. “But I feel hurt and want to cry.”

Zachary asked affectionately, “Why do you feel hurt? Is it because your bike is broken? Did someone break it?”

“No. I let go and the bike turned.”

“So you were the cause of it. Why do you feel hurt? So your bike turned. You must remember not. to make the same mistake again. The dent on the bicycle is a minor issue. We, adults, can fix it for you. You don’t have to cry even if we can’t fix it though.

“We can always call a specialist to repair the bike if we can’t do it ourselves. They have the tools and technique, but in the event that the bicycle is beyond repair, we can just get a new one for you. There’s no need to cry. We must think of solutions when we experience problems instead of crying. Crying doesn’t solve anything. People will only think of you as weak to cry when running into problems.”

Serenity said, “Babe, that’s too much for Sonny to take in.”

“Well, I still need to tell him. One day, he’ll get it.”

Liberty agreed with her brother–in–law. That was how she educated her son too.

She believed education should begin early and at home without putting it on pause because they were young.

“Alright, Sonny. Your bicycle is fixed,” said Duncan with a smile after putting Sonny’s ride back together.

Sonny cocked his head and looked at his bicycle. It was as good as new. The boy slipped out of Zachary’s arms and checked out his bike with a beaming face. It was really repaired.

“Thank you, Dunc. You’re the best! You’re better than Dad!”

Sonny expressed his gratitude and even pointed out that Duncan was better than his father.

His dad could not even assemble the Lego bricks, but Dunc could build the Lego bricks and repair his bike.

Exuding softness in his expression, Duncan reached out to stroke Sonny’s head and confidently said, “I am better than your dad.”

Hank was no match for him.

“Uncle Zack, I can ride a bike. I’ll show you.”

Since Sonny wanted to perform for Zachary, the latter dotingly said, “Okay. Show me.”

Sonny pushed his bicycle to an area and rode away as the adults watched him.

He did not get far and soon returned to where the adults were.

Zachary took Sonny off the bike and praised the boy, “You’re amazing, Sonny! Do you want to learn. to ride it better?”

“I do.”


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