Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 534 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 534

Serenity’s phone fell on the bed. Sure, Serenity had waited for Zachary, but sleepiness got the best of her. It was a blow to Zachary’s exhilaration.

He brought along two Eternal diamond rings that he bought from Nana with the intention to put one on Serenity’s finger. Yet, she was far off in dreamland.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Zachary reached out to pinch Serenity in the face. “You could sleep through an earthquake, little piggy.” After pinching her cheeks, he leaned down to kiss her face and hovered against her lips for a prod. He then grabbed her phone and put it on the bedside table.

Although his wife fell asleep waiting for him, at least she was in his bedroom.

That was what a certain Mr. York comforted himself with. The next day, Serenity woke up only to be blown away by a huge bouquet of flowers. Behind the flowers was Zachary’s handsome face.

She blinked.

Serenity sat up the moment she was certain she was awake, and it was Zachary before her eyes. She uttered with a smile, “You’re back.” “Good morning, darling.” Good morning? “Is it morning now? Did you work until morning?” “No. I came home last night. Somebody promised to wait for my return, but she dozed off on her own.” Serenity smiled embarrassedly as she reached out to accept the bouquet of beautiful flowers. “ Is there a florist that opens this early in the morning?”

“I can get flowers at any time.”

After Serenity took the bouquet, Zachary bent over and locked his dark eyes on her gorgeous face. He asked with a raspy voice, “shouldn’t you give me a morning kiss?” Zachary called the butler of the Yorks’ residence to cut the most beautiful blossoms in the garden, wrap them up, and deliver the flowers by car so he could give her the bouquet. Romanced by Zachary’s thoughtfulness and gift early in the morning, Serenity generously gave him a morning kiss.


“Whatever it is, you can tell me.”

Serenity admired the bouquet. “Where did you get the flowers from? They bloom well and better than the ones on our balcony.”

“I made a phone call to order directly from a flower field and got it specially delivered. No florist is open at this hour.”

Zachary’s dark eyes were fixated on Serenity as he waited for her to feel moved and reward him with another kiss. “Is today a special day? You even got the bouquet specially delivered.” Sure, Serenity was moved, but it was not the kind of moving emotions that Zachary imagined it to be. “Why must it be a special day to give you flowers?” Zachary pulled out two jewelry boxes and opened them in front of Serenity. Taking the ring for Serenity, Zachary held Serenity’s left hand up and slipped the ring onto her ring finger. While doing so, he said, “We’ve been married for a while now, but you‘ve been missing a ring. It’s time I make it up to you. “Wear it at all times, especially in front of Shawn. Show off your hand so he can see the wedding ring on your finger.” Although surprised, Serenity did not refuse as Zachary put the wedding ring on her finger. She was amused by his statement though. “Uff, someone’s jealous early in the morning. I can feel it a mile away.” “Anyway, just put it on at all times. Zachary urged before extending his hand. “Seren, put the wedding ring on me too.” Putting down the bouquet, Serenity compliantly took the other ring and slipped it onto the ring finger of his left hand..


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