Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 541 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 541

Pointing at the door, Serenity barked coldly, “There’s the door. Please get up, turn around, and get out of here, Granddad! “My sister’s affairs are none of your business!

“My so-called cousins have approached me many times, so they know what I said. It’s not like they were interested in giving me a sincere apology. All they were after was my reconciliation with you. Whose fault do you think it is?”

Seeing that Serenity would not budge, Old Mr. Hunt peevishly told Zachary, “See that, young man? She doesn’t want her family by her side. You’re free to kick her around. Don’t worry, we won’t come for you.”

Zachary had a mind to throw the old man out.

He had never seen a grandfather like this ever.

Despite his disdain for his granddaughter, the old man should not say such a thing

Zachary callously remarked, “I married my wife to love and spoil her, not to pick on her. A man who tyrannizes his wife is no man at all.”

“Are you going to get out yourself or should I drive you out with a broom?”

Granddad’s words got under Serenity’s skin

These people always talked about making peace Yet, their actions and words reflected no remorse. They still seemed to believe she was at fault and pushed the blame for their recent bad luck onto the person backing Serenity.

Hence why they shamelessly and relentlessly came by her shop.

Serenity had mentioned that the conflict between them started with Twitter, so it should end with Twitter too. Serenity was willing to accept reconciliation if the Hunts issued a public apology on Twitter and returned the sisters their good name.

Since the Hunt could not comply with a simple request, why should Serenity back down?

John immediately chimed in, “Serenity, Granddad’s getting senile. Don’t take his words to heart. We’re here today not for you to pay for Grandmom’s medical bills but to teach your sister’s man a lesson and save your sister’s marriage.

“She has a child to think about too. Let us know if your sister’s in-laws are a menace. We’re your cousins no matter what. We should stick up for you and your sister when you’re being harassed.”

“Don’t bother, John. She will come and beg us to be on her side when her in-laws push her around.”

Old Mr. Hunt was thinking that since he had already used the money from the Browns to pay his wife’s medical bills and pocketed the rest in the bank, there was no way the Browns could make him cough the money back out.

The Browns wanted him to talk to Serenity, and he did. It was Serenity who refused to budge.

Thus, there was no need for Old Mr. Hunt to stay and take sh*t from Serenity.

Old Mr. Hunt grumpily called his grandsons to leave with him.

“Go, go, go. Let’s go home. Don’t give a certain somebody the satisfaction to kick us out.”

Old Mr. Hunt walked away in a huff, waving his arm like a boss to get all his children and grandchildren to pull out altogether.

Everybody was at a loss.

That was a wasted morning.

Nothing was resolved.

Old Mr. Hunt got a lump sum from the Browns, so it was not all for naught for him.

Since Old Mrs. Hunt’s medical debt was already paid with the Browns’ money, the Hunts did not need to hassle Serenity and Liberty for cash. The family was in and out of there in no time.

“Serenity, their shamelessness sure blows my mind.” Jasmine gasped before asking the old lady, “Grandma May, you’ve seen a lot of people in your lifetime. Have you met anyone so brazen?”


Grandma May was honest with her answer.

The people in her circle were particular about honor and mannerisms.

She had never come across brash people like the Hunts.

Thankfully, Serenity and her sister were able to stand against these ridiculous relatives, refusing to be taken advantage of.


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